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  1. Yeah I do... What are you chasing? I have next to nothing left
  2. Grill sold pending payment, Bumper reduced to $250. anything else, make an offer
  3. ....send pictures....?? hahaha, I think I love my XW too much
  4. not for sale unless you offer me something I cant refuse.
  5. I might be in sydney this weekend at some point and could bring things up if anyone is interested
  6. got some things I'd like to sell, all items in Canberra and would prefer you organise your own shipping. can provide more pictures via email or MMS but you all know what these things look like. all parts to suit C34 s2 DAYZ front bar, black, small tear underneath but not noticeable when fitted, many tiny stone chips - $300 DAYZ rear wing, white, good condition, some scuff marks in paint that should buff out - $120 Dolphin style fibreglass grill, black, good condition, no damage, some tiny stone chips in paint, mesh needs paint touch up - $120 Side skirts, factory, black, good condition - $100 Rear bumper with reo, white, good condition, no damage, paint is decent, few spots here and there - $150 Drivers side rear door, white, good condition, no damage, may be a few scuffs in paint from storage but nothing major, privacy glass, all internals fitted - $100 Set of door cards from an auto, holes cut for splits in fronts. have been in the back shed for a while, may be some water marks etc. - $50?
  7. could you get a quote on shipping the suspension to Canberra 2911?
  8. Do you have the fuel pressure regulator? Need that and any of the other pressure things from the fuel hoses and that NEO cover bracket, posted to act 2911
  9. Do you have the engine cover and mounting bracket in good condition?
  10. What's your budget?
  11. Pretty sure I've got one, I'll have to confirm it's the drivers side letter tonight
  12. How good is the bonnet? And headlights and are they xenons? Shocks good?
  13. Awesome, that's the sort of answer I was hoping for. I'll have a crack at that and see how she goes. Thanks mate!
  14. I haven't rotated it at all, just pulled the balancer to put the belt on and realized how it was. Head gasket is a stocky. I'm trying to remember if the valves interfered when I was dummy fitting........ If not, just lift cams, rotate crank and all sweet hopefully.
  15. Yeah I know.... But silly me just assumed the balancer was keyed in properly so in the correct position.