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  1. Hi everyone I've changed my number plates and returned NSW 89-GTR to Service NSW. These will be available on My Plates in a day or so. Enjoy Andy
  2. It looks too high now but they fit, I think I'll roll the guards and drop it down at some point. Sorry for the crap photos and dirty car but at least you get the idea. Sweet
  3. R34 GTR Wheels with Federal SS595 255/35/18s For Sale $1600 ONO R34 GTR Wheels 18x9+30 with Federal SS595 255/35/18s All tyres have heaps of tread left cheek the photo with the key in it - all still have spikes in the edges these haven't been used much at all. All rims have centre caps All have minor tyre fitting marks - nothing too bad - just being honest. One has some minor rash and a scratch - see photo - its not too bad. One has a very small chip its about 3mm MAX - see photo. Other 2 just have fitting marks. These are good used wheels with great near new tyres - just so we are clear they are NOT mint - if your looking for MINT wheels for your show car these are not for you, if your looking for a decent set of R34 GTR wheels for your street or track car BINGO! Sydney Pick Up ONLY - I'll meet you pretty much anywhere East of Penrith, I'm in Kings Cross but have a Station Wagon and am more than happy to drive and meet you somewhere reasonable. Check the photos - All taken 10/11/16 - Off my car (R32GTR) and ready for yours. $1600 ONO Andy 0402 350 827
  4. Finally got around to putting these on my car 17x9+16 with 255/40/17 semi slicks fit with Tein Super Streets wound all the way down. There is only a slight difference in fit to my R34 GTR wheels with 255/35/18s. The look heaps better will post photos after a wash. [emoji106]🏻[emoji322]
  5. Listed on eBay Abbey Road (ARC) Skyline R32 GTR Titanium Front Strut Brace BNR32 Ends Sunday 30th October 20:17 NO RESERVE
  6. Hey Sean I've got a set on my 32GTR currently with Federal 595 255/40/18 with loads of tread all original all complete. Passenger rear has 2cm (max) minor rash the rest are unmarked, this is an easy repair. Let me know and I'll shoot all 4. Whats your budget? Where are you located?
  7. Abbey Road (ARC) R32GTR Titanium Front Strut Brace Abbey Road (ARC) Titanium Front Strut brace for an R32GTR. Name plate needs re-spot welding on one side, easy fix. Aside from that it's in great shape for something thats well over 25 years old. Old School hand made in Japan - these are super rare - just check out Yahoo Japan theres 2 for sale and both are double what I'm asking. $750 plus delivery/courier. I'm in Sydney so happy to meet somewhere too. Thats half the landed cost of a similar one on Yahoo Japan if you bought it via Import Monster. I've had this for years and never fitted it, I bought it to match the my ARC air box and ARC radiator air guide but it's sat in the garage for at least 4 years so off it goes. Email text or PM - before I change my mind Andy 0402 350 827 andy@stevenslasvegas.com
  8. Here it is. Name plate needs re-spot welding on one side, aside from that it's in great shape for something thats well over 25 years old.
  9. Hi Robbie I've got an Abbey Road (ARC) Ti strut brace the same as this if your still interested. It for an R32GTR, I've had it for 4 or 5 years and never fitted it I've got a Tomei triangle one that works fine. Let me know and I can take some actual photos for you.
  10. FS BNR33 HKS ETS electronic torque split controller Forsale BNR33 HKS ETS with complete harness for BNR33 You don't see these with the complete harness very often so grab it while you can. There is some double sided tape on both the Controller and the Power Amp which would be easy to removed. Removed from a R33 GTR it maybe compatible with R34 GTR's but I have no way to confirm, if anyone knows if its compatible feel free to post. My understanding is that it will NOT work on the R32 GTR's as the 4WD system is different to the R33/34's Cool, check the photos it's in good condition what you see is what you'll get. $350 Plus postage or can meet in Sydney.
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