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R33 Gtst Need A New Turbo - But Where To Start


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Hey Guyz and Galz

I have an R33 GTST Series 2

My problem is - I have some oil comming out of the intake pipe just before the throttle body.

We already have an Intercooler and 3" SS Zorst

I am after an aftermarket turbo that has roller bearings and steel wheel that will simply bolt straight up to the origional equipment otherwise i have to change everything!

I would like to get more power out of it, but have a race car for that anyway!

you thoughts and ideas would be great.



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Use the "SEARCH" button, heaps of helpful info as this topic has been discussed countless times. :blink:

Also with a turbo upgrade, you will need:

- fuel pump

- injectors

- progamable ecu (Wolf3D, Power fc, etc)

- HD clutch

- And a few others i've probably forgotten.

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not heaps of oil but i want to fix it before it gets worse and puts oil all the way through the system.

and I am only running the stock boost.

I dont really want to spend $4000 on a turbo which the HKS site listed.

I am just after a good turbo that is steel wheel and roller bearing that is reasonably cheap as this is an everyday car...

I would prefer to spen 4,000 and have a supercharger hanging out of the HG's bonnet!

so just wanna get the skyline up and running with a slightly better turbo.

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www.gcg.com.au its a direct bolt back on. take yours off, send to gcg, when it comes back fit it back on and its done. i would confirm how much oil its leaking before you go spend $1800 on a rebuilt turbo. wipe the oil away and clean the silicon connector and drive normally and check it again in a few days

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