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I think the GTR that did hold the record had no speed limiter either. Something on the forums earlier with a big article From memory. They took a bunch of new cars out and a stock 34GTR to race round the ring

ahhhh heres the post were all looking for


Our goal could scarcely be more simple. We want to break the production car lap record for the famous old 12.95-mile Nurburgring. Currently it stands at 7min 59sec, set by a Nissan Skyline GTR in 1995. But given that the Skyline set the time during its development stage and was free of the speed limiter that prevents UK versions from doing more than 156mph, we can no longer count it as the true production car record holder. Especially as it's far from clear how much turbo boost the GTR was running during the lap, or how much tweaking the rear-wheel steer system had undergone.

So for these reasons and more, the standard production car lap record will no longer belong to the Skyline after this event; it will instead hold the record for a modified road car. Unless, of course, the unchipped, unfettled GTR that colleague Allan Muir is due to arrive in tomorrow can match, or perhaps better, that 7min 59sec time...

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Yeah, seen that video before. It is a follow up on the previous season (Season 5, Episode 5) where Jeremy drives a diesel engined Jaguar S-Type around the 'ring in 9:59, at which Sabine says "I do that laptime in a van!"

I'm pretty sure the Porsche Carrera GT ran in the 7min 30sec proximity (can't remember exact time). Also, the ultra low volume Radical SR3 Turbo ran 7min 19secs. Only 25 road legal examples were built, though.

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