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Hybrid Front Mount Intercooler Kits

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I have available genuine HDI(Hybrid Development International) front mount intercooler kits.

There are 3 different types to choose from:

1/ HDI GT spec kit (core - tube and fin - 600x300x76) - $630 delivered.

2/ HDI monster kit (core - bar and plate - 600x300x76) - $600 delivered.

3/ Hybrid RS spec kit (core - tube and fin - 580x295x95) - $730 delivered.

Available for -


SILVIA - 180SX - S13 - S14 - S15

GTiR - RNN14

EVO 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8




- Polished intercooler

- Polished aluminium piping (silver only)

- Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps

- Mounting brackets and bolts

- Silicon hose joiners. (blue)

- 12 month warranty


Also Available -

HDI front mount intercooler cores (with polished end tanks).

1/ HDI GT spec core - tube and fin - 600x300x76 - $400 delivered.


2/ HDI monster core - bar and plate - 600x300x76 - $320 delivered.


3/ HDI RS spec core - Hybrid RS spec core - tube and fin - 580x295x95 - $440.00 delivered.


SKYLINE - R32 GTST - R33 GTST - R34 GTT - $450 delivered.

Kit inclusdes:

- Polished aluminium piping (silver only)

- Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamps

- Silicon hose joiners. (blue)

- 12 month warranty

OTHER VEHICLES - PM me for more info.


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I am interested in the Hybrid GT kits, either 600x300x76 or the 450x300x76

are there any performances different b/w the two?

I want the 600x300x76 but i would think the 450x300x76 would fit better without extrmely modify my front bar.

and about this piping,

do i have to cut the blade of my fan to fit? heard issue about thse piping.

how tite are they to th fan blade?

1 last question,

If i can pick up from Sydney,

any cheaper?

40 bucks off?



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for the record. I dont sell used items unless specified.

Exchanges as with most places have time limits.

In this case, an exchange was offered 2 months ago but was declined.

Unfortunately 2 months later to exchange an item far exceeds that time limit.

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you cant apply terms and conditions to a sale after its made.

fact you've applied no terms and conditions to any sale therefore leaves you open to anything the customer could request.

however, considering i've made a purchase of a product over $40, i'm then provided with a 12month warranty by law.

fact you've also provided no receipt or invoice of purchase, you've opened yourself up for the office of fair trading to look further into your business. however, i can prove that i have purchased the goods from you per PM's that have been sent back and forward.

Ohh and I declinded to return the product under the fear you may not even send me a intercooler back in exchange for the used one you sent me.

For those that aren't aware.... the intercooler I received had scratch's on the bottom and top of the intercooler (this is in no way capable of being done through postage) as well as 2 small pebbles/rocks in between the metal fin things. A fair few fins had also been bent on both sides of the intercooler. the way these fins were bent were not able to be done through the postage system.

i'll take photo's tonight and post them up for those that asked for them.

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Here are the images I took on the day it was delivered here to my work.

I borrowed the digital camera here at work and took photo's of it.

Box was delivered to reception. I opened it right there in front of reception on the day it arrived and took photo's straight away at the time I noticed the dints in place.





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Should have returned the cooler when you were given the chance i say. But I can vouch for gR33dy i ordered my part and arrived to me as per description without a prob. I think this may be a middleman dilemna more than anything else. Hope everything works out well for the both of you. I think being threatening is not the best way to go about it. Im sure there is a explanation.

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