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R32 Gtst Missing - New Problem


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R32 GTS4(t) I have been having this problem for a short while now. After driving for a while (usually quite hard or in warmer weather) my car develops a mis-type problem. At say 3000 rpm in fourth gear (a little low I know), I will but my foot down on the accelerator and nothing will happen - the car kind of splurts about but no power. It feels a little like when you blow an intercooler hose. After a few moments the car will return to normal and after a few longer moments begin to splurt again. If I turn the car off (say at the lights) and start it back up again it seems to work OK.

I have a boost and fuel pressure guage which both read pretty normally when this happens so I don't think it is a fuel pump / wiring / delivery issue.

I noticed today (which I have not noticed before) that my exhaust temp warning light came on? Does that help?

I had a quick search around and it seems that no-one has described anything like this.

I need help!

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Are you using the factory IC? It's possible you are getting detonation because the air temp is way too high, and the knock sensors are retarding the system.

The factory IC, when used in Oz on a hot day, is about as useful as tits on a bull.

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