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The 4wd drive light is on and the light on the Control Panel in the boot indicates its on the throttle sensor circuit. I have tried a few things but to replace the sensor is a few hundred dollars if thats not the problem.

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The 4wd drive light is on and the light on the Control Panel in the boot indicates its on the throttle sensor circuit.  I have tried a few things but to replace the sensor is a few hundred dollars if thats not the problem.

there's a control panel in the boot? :P :lol:

my TPS failed recently causing the attessa kick in when you turn the wheel sharp under about 20kph. which obviously made it bind up trying to reverse out the driveway turning onto the street. A new TPS was $144 genuine. But we don't know if that's your problem yet.

have you checked fault codes?

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if the codes indicate that its the tps/tps circuit,

get a multimeter and check that there is 0.4volts at idle. if not adjust it to get 0.4volts. i think its the middle pin

its easy the 3 pins willbe be ground/5 volts/ and signal.

if not then you may need to check the wiring for damage. and/or check there is no break in the wires between the sensor and the attessa ecu.

hope that helps :lol:

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