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My New Car

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Hey Guys i just wanted to post some pictures of my new ride. I used to own a VN commodore wagon until i blew a head gasket so decided to get myself a new car i was either going to get a 300zx or a Skyline I picked it up the day before christmas so its been the best present ever!! I am very glad i got a skyline, this thing is just unbelivable to drive u take ur eye of the speedo for one second and u are allready at 140kms :D

I have been browsing these forums for a few weeks now and have seen a few ppl saying the R33 drives like a whale to whoever said that try driving a vn station wagon now that is a whalee!! and some ppl thinking the R33 looks like a Toyota Camery lol i really dont see how but yehhh...

2 things ive noticed since owning it. a ticking noise comming from the Ac unit when switching on the ignition the ticking only last for about 5-10 secs has anyone else had this problem.

Another thing is somtimes mainly when its cold it seems to be lacking a fair bit of power it just doesnt want to go sometimes its only happned a few times but its quite anoying not getting the full power out of this beast.

Also since owning it i have put a hole in the bumper behind the rear tyre from stones getting stuck in the tyres then getting flicked back into it. does anyone rekon its worth fixing?? ok ill shutup now and put some pics in.





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nice colour. I like silver.

That clicking noise, pretend its not there. I do and I haven't heard the noise in two years. (its probably still there but I don't notice it) Or go to the general maintenance section and do a search. I'm sure there's a thread in there about how to fix.


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some ppl thinking the R33 looks like a Toyota Camery lol i really dont see how but yehhh...

Haha yeah a Stock Series1 R33 frontbar does look similar to the older model camrys as they have similar shaped headlights & indicators in the same place. My car has a two tone metallic silver with a grey strip on the bottom & thankfully it hides the camry-ness :rofl: If anything I get more looks because it's not a very common colour scheme.

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I have an R33, and have been told that the noise is normal and there's no real way to 'fix' it. (Except turn your f**king air con off!) turning off air con and warming up the car for 5 - 10 minutes in the mornings will get you that precious power back..

Also, wanted to let you know i have a set of Genuine Momo Italy mags for sale if your interested in a new set .... lookin for about a grand for them (RRP approx 4 - 5000$) They are in the classifieds section if you want to look at pix

Cheers mate

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when u turn my key onto accessories, i hear the clicking sound, but its just the fuel being pumped from the tank to the engine through the lines, thats why i goes away after a few seconds, listen next time, turn off your radio etc and u will hear it pumping.

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