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1995 Silver R33 Skyline Gts-t S1.5

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Willing to negotiate, but not that low.

It's not a S1 its a S1.5 :P It's a special model that Nissan released prior to the Series 2 (as you can see its got several S2 components, high wing, driver's airbag, S2 AFM, and probably other things I've forgotten as standard eq).

Plus this model is clean, has the rare factory sunroof, and is a good base for those to mod or also for those who want a stock car.

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OK thanks mate.

You got yourself a very good deal! Must have been a fire sale as that is the price of a 32 gts-t. Even the 33 nonturbos/autos cost more than that.

I wouldn't say my car has high KMs for a 1995 car...that is actually considered low KMs, but I'd be a bit pessimistic about a car the same age that had significantly lower KMs.

I'm in no rush, and I'm after a buyer who has an eye for detail and wants something clean, either as a base for their next project car, or someone who wants to run it just as it is.

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your clock was probably wound back or the dash was changed to one with lower km's

5/10 skylines have their dash wound back... a car that is 10 yrs old and less than 10000km / year? thats hard to believe...

Not when you have log books matey...

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Thanks for the comments guys.

I'm still running the stock boost solenoid.

1) You either take the dyno sheet with a grain of salt (as all dynos are different) though I can provide the sheet.

2) the boost guage is second hand, so may be reading incorrectly, but it does run to 10PSI max.

3) I have one of those super performing cars :D

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South East suburbs of where? has it had the 100000km service where they replace the timing chain n all that shizzle?

actually dont worry bout that. i DLed the doc and see its had the major service.

If your in Vic and this is still for sale in ma month or so you may get an email from me ;)

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