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Marion Shopping Center Trolley Boy Bone Head


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Hi ppls,

Ran in to a Bone head the last 2 thursday afternoon's (~3-5pm) I've been at Marion Shopping Center.

There's a trolley boy bloke that drives a little yellow dunga with the trolley trailer attached, he appears to be around the lower level southern side near Woolworths. He's of arab/european appearance, ~early 20's, wear's decent clothes and has a pretty boy hair cut. :(

Run in number 1.

Parked the R32, while unbuckling the little boy from his baby seat I heard 'F#@KN RICE BURNER' I looked up to see the bone head hanging his head out of the dunga as he drove past yelling obscenities.

I left it at that.. Simply thought he was a wanker.

Run in number 2.

Other half was driving around looking for a car park, drove past the bone head, didn't even look, when Julie said whats he staring at... I looked sure enough he had stopped working and simply staring.. the type of stare that tries to start sh*t.

Parked the car, grabbed the boy out stood waiting for the other half to grab a trolley. He drove past staring the whole time, pulled up near my other half where she was grabbing a trolley, he proceeded to death stare her. I was thinking WTF as was she..

Putting the little boy in the trolley he kept staring as he was pushing the line of trolley's up his trailer. As he was staring so much and not concentrating the trolleys got away from him and almost cleaned up a car, he had to run and look like a fool. lmao.


This dude has a serious issue with jap cars.

I really can't belive some one is so passionate about hating a type of car.

Take note ppls.. this dude will give you the stare that he's trying to start shiet... lmao... :P

It does make me worry about parking my car there though. :)

I've lodged a complaint and am waiting to hear back from center management.

I must admit he really pissed me off.... I haven't felt and had thoughts run through my head like I did tonight since I was 18. :)

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lmao Ronin...

Not with the little boy hanging off my side, I really can't afford to have an assult charge put against me as it WILL affect my other halfs future career. :P We are having some fairly serious police checks done as I speak.

I'll wait until it goes through.. lol *joke*

If he keeps it up I'll head down there by myself, wait and find what car he drives, I'll make sure he knows I know what car he's driving just to make him think twice, I wouldn't damage his property, just an idle threat to make him back off a little. Not that it would probably worry him as being a trolley boy doesn't pay to well.. :(

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ok, this is the plan

Get everyone you know to sit around the corner and wait while you go in there.

When he gives you the stare, stare back and wind him up with some sort of a comment. My favourite is "Nice car, do they make them in mens!?"

When he replies, which he will to try and prove his superior interlect, keep going at him.

When he breaks and starts to come over get everyone to fly into the carpark.

Then sit there laughing when he runs off to change his underware!

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parked yr car at my place when u visit marion shopping centre

i will then lodge a complain everytime i go to Marion (4-5days a week), until he lost his job :D


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Not when you have to leave your car unattended while shopping.

Gutless bastards like that are just the kind to "do stuff" when you're not looking.

yeah had a similar thing happen to me at Marion Shopping Centre, this was back when I had a RX-7, cruising along with the Mrs, looking for a park when this dude in a commie reversed out without looking and missed me by centimetres, I beeped and said "watch where ya goin dude!" man i was pissed just had my car re-sprayed, Mrs was like "leave it keep goin" hes like "keep moving Jap Crap!" i took my Mrs advice and drove saying "learn how to drive". Anyway parked 5 min later. Got back to the car about 2 hours later and found my aerial snapped and a note under my wiper saying "thats what you get for driving Jap Crap".

What a f@#$in idiot! A prime example of a gutless bastard.

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im european.... i rememeber when someones got a problem they usually beat the shot out of each other. not a good way but europeans arent as civilised especially in eastern europe

lets just all go hunt him down ;) beat him with a trolley pole

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