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just bought my first skyline, been waiting for a while to fiond the right one at the right price and i fouind her.

Its a 1994 R33 GTS-T Turbo 5 Speed, with Greddy Profec B Boost Controller, Greddy Turbo Timer, Greddy Front Mount Intercooler, HKS Coilover Hyper Damper Adjustable Suspension, 3 1/2" Stainless Steel Exhaust, 6" Canon Muffler, Twin Plate Clutch, 17" Enkei Racing Wheels, Greddy Boost Guage, HKS Pod Filter, Blitz Blow Off Valve. i will post some pics when i finally pick the car up. looking forward to getting behind the wheel of my new baby.

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hpoe fully 2 weeks still waiting for it to be complied. the guy at the car yard is going to put her on the dyno for me this week he said he is expecting at least 240-250kw at the wheels. this this smokes 1st and 2nd and chirps 3rd at 130km. should have a little fun. the car has got M factiory badges on the timing cover and the dash anyone know if this is a good thing or a good good think?? also found out she's got forgies and stainless head gastket.

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Remember guys its not just the psi its also about cubic feet for air the turbo can flow....

If its a high flow then 200-220rwkw would be the absolute limit you could get....

I mean they just cant flow anymore air... Run out of legs....

If its aftermarket then 13psi could be flowing huge volume of air...

Who knows... But yeah i agree with pred.... 190rwkw area would be about right....

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