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Massive Garage Sale, Gtr, Gtst, Audio, 19's, Cams

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[I have just completed a massive shed cleanout.... and since I have had 36 cars with most being turbo there are some great parts!!! :D


RB25 GTST 264 HKS Cams $700 sold pending payment $650

RB26 98 GTR VSPEC Cams $200

GTR Std exh manifolds $75

GTR O2 sensors x 3 (all working condition) $30 ea SOLD

GTR Std Dump Pipes $75 pair

GTR Std cam gears x 3 $ 10 ea

RB Adj cam gear $50 sold

300zx rims (need respray but straight) $100 Sold $80

APEC 19" GTR offset with near new 245's all round $2000 SOLD

R33 GTR Std rims with 255's $ 1500

Std GTR Suspension (no oil leaks) $200 Sold

RB25 pistons Std x 4 $20 ea (fit SR20 Also)

Vennolia forged pistons with rings x 4 86.5mm (fit SR20 20' over) offers $

RB26 Std head gasket (genuine in box) $100

RB26 trust metal head gasket 1mm (used, but can be used again) $50

RB26 trust meatl head gasket 1.2mm (used) $50

RB26 Oil pump (used) $20

RB gear selector x2 (no Knob) $20 ea 1 sold

R33 GTST GTR Style front grill ( needs alittle work) $25 sold $20

R33 Std speakers with mounts x4 $20

R33 GTR Std fuel reg $30

GTST R33 intake pipe with heat wrap and hi boost modded BOV (from 12 sec car) $55

R33 GTR Std Ecu with HKS SLD (speed limit removal) $ 150 Sold

R33 GTR Access Blitz Super Complete Computer.

I have used this ecu on my and a friends GTR. I can say the map is much better than the Apexi PFC initial map and provides a very(no BS) noticable gain in power especially in the mid range/boost response...I am happy to "try before u buy". I have a wide band O2 meter to ensure perfect safe operation =). $250 sold

HKS Type 0 turbo timer $70

AddZest 5555z Double Din CD/Tape player $240

Tisonics Immobiliser (remote) $40

NOS (HOLLEY Blue bootle) complete system Brand new direct bolt on $700 Sold

Wheel Spacers 2x bolt on Sold, 2x slip on $150

check pick of them fitted to my GTST

GTR Exhaust Dual 2 1/2" all the way, comes with bolt on quiet muffler also


Contact Matt any time


or PM

or [email protected]

Quakers Hill Sydney.

PS I also have 2 white NA 300ZX's. One ex pace car. Auto and manual. white and pearl white. 89 and 93







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