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Rb26 Single Turbo Upgrade

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I have read a couple of threads where people were asking which turbo on RB26 for street/strip. I told them we were currently fitting a GCG 35/66 SPL on a GTR and that i would post results.. The car is finished and has been Dynod, unfortunately it ran out of injector at 13 PSI ( SARD 650cc) to my amazement, but made 275kw on Unigroups dyno. I drove the car today for the first time and was blown away by the torque, the same if not less lag than the standard twins, comes on strong and stays on right through too 8000rpm.

Very impressive, can reccomend this upgrade for anyone who is looking for a very streetable single turbo.

Car should see well over 320kw with a bit more boost.

other mods include :


Bosh 044 fuel pump


custom 3" dump pipe

turbosmart 48mm wastegate

Hi flow cat into 4" exhaust.

Tomei Inlet and exhaust cam gears.

Thanks to unigroup for excellent tune and John for his patience.

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ran out of fuel using 650cc's @ 275rwkw?

What went wrong?

Was it fuel pump or a fruited fuel reg or something?

650's should bring home mid high 300's :ermm:

seconded ..

294 rwkw here with 550cc and 044 pump..

think the injectors are trimmed to like 70 % and only reach about 90% duty ..

but yeah anything that spools up at the same or earlier than std turbos and produces more power would be a nice streetable setup.

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No, pump is in, have been in contact with saard supplier, we all agree 650cc should be ample. possibly supplied wrong injector. They are sorting it out. But that was not the purpose of this thread.

Ah, that would explain it ;)
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Runs 66mm compessor wheel in ar.80 cover and ar82 turbine housing.

Ill upload some pics now.

Ill post dyno sheet when tune is completed.

Manifold is a stainless steel GCG manifold,

bezerk32 what are the a/r specs for cold and hot side of turbo?

yeah i heard those bosch pumps you need a relay



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Search GT3567R , pics at Full Race Motorsports .

Cheers .

Would this turbo be similar to a trust t78-33d? Bigger or smaller..? I'm doing pretty much the same as you with a trust turbo, just wondering how laggy it would be. Sorry to hijack :D

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my 2c

sorry to be negiative but it does seem like a very good upgrade in dollars for hp as i compare the reasults to a

r32gtr running r400 turbos (which are std size but stell wheeled)at 16psi

making ~390rwhp

r34gtr running std turbos 400rwhp

so its seem strange to me to go to such effort for 20rwhp ?????

when a small turbo upgrade of the low mounts can land you over 100rwhp more and no i'm not having a go at singles in general but this upgrade doesnt seem to give much gains per dollar.


ps im running std r33 fuel pump at 530rwhp std fuel reg and running in the low 70% range most of the time at low 500rwhp

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I was looking at his car the other day. When i took mine in for an oil change got to say looks Great and nice and neat. injectors looked like 550 nismo's any way i talked to jim about the computer and i hope it all works out for you. Very nice CAR mate


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hey pete dont start the single vs twin debate again :P

hows your setup going anyways mate?

you missed my whole point cruiseliner

i use std or near std well tuned examples of gtr's to say why would you spend all that money, time and effort to gain 20rwkw if it makes it. Doesn't that seem a little silly waste of time and money. But this is only my opinion and i'm sure it a very nice gtr.

cruiseliner do you now understand what i was trying to say

as for mine is going like a stream train but the only issue i got is the new low temp thermostat and large greddy radiator are keep running temp to low for my liking and i will be going back to std thermostat. A running temp of 65 to 68deg is to low for me and is keeping the pfc in the cold water temp compensation tune(rich as). The question is how is your going put a final tune through it with some boost? Unfortaunately most of my time at the moment is going into project number to silvia drifter i'm building up.


sorry if it seemed i was have a go at singles but the combo does seem worth time and effort for the results gained.

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Yeah did that but i just don't like it that cold. All the production race guys i talked to believe the motor run best under full load (mean track work around 80-85deg) and i believe most oils and ecu as set this way for a reason. I think the low temp thermostat might work well will std cooling system but i found with the bigger radiator is just to cool for my liking.


ps sorry for off topic comments

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