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Fuel Pump Upgrade


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hey guys :)

i own a 93 R32 gts-t.

i've been reading up on people's opinions on fuel pump upgrades for most skylines, and bosch and walbro seem to be the main pumps being used.

only thing i'm worried about is if i end up going under 1/3 of a tank, and the car leans out.

it seems my fuel pump is starting to die on me and it's time to upgrade, but i'm not really sure on what to buy.

i've been told to get a gtr pump, but i don't like the whole concept of putting a 14 year old pump into my car.

i don't want to spend a big amount of money for a simple upgrade, since i'm not running any high dependancy mods at the moment.

so what's your opinions?

what does it cost for fuel pump rebuilds?

what's your experiences with the above mentioned pumps?


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It just so happens I am in the same boat. I have a 92 R32 GTR. Pump is on the fritz. When under load (on the throttle) the car starts to stagger a little (definately gasping for fuel). I have decided on a Walboro outfit. I wanted to keep it in tank and not set up an external, that is why I went for Walboro. Bosch do have the in tank jobbies but I would basically be replacing the stock one for one of about the same size. The Walboro pump I am getting is good for 700hp and flows 300Ltrs/min and is setting me back around $260. As I will be upgrading the engine quite considerably I figured I may as well get the pump now. Once I have fitted it the Power FC goes in and then tuned and so on and so forth.

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I would forget the walbro, and the bosch. get a nismo pump. they fit directly into the tank mounts and are mounted exactly as the stock one was so there are no problems with fuel surge. they have plug already fitted to wire straight in, and they flow heaps. also they are super reliable which I cannot say the same for the bosch and walbro pumps. yes they cost more, but a fuel pump is pretty much the most critical part of a high pressure EFI system.

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If you install the walbro and bosch pumps correctly then you will not have the 1/3 tank problem. I have had the experience of both walbro and bosch pump in my 93 gtst and have driven my car 50km after the fuel light has come on and did not run out of fuel.

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