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Official Team Northside Dinner - Thursday 26th July 07 - Masuya


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July Dinner - Masuya - City CBD


Sorry for the late posting on the forums all. SAU / TNS Dinner has been organised for Thursday night the 26th of July 07. This has been moved from Saturday.

Something which I know many of us have talked about in the past and that is having GOOD Jap food and this restaurant will not dissapoint in that regard.

Restaurant Details:


Website: http://www.masuya.com.au/en/masuya/index.html

Address: Basement Level, 12-14 O'Connell Street Sydney 2000 Australia

Access: 5 minute walk from Wynyard Station


Booking Details:

Thursday 26th July - 8pm

Dinner Menu Examples:

For the full menu go to: http://www.masuya.com.au/en/masuya/menu_dinner.html



Tempura is a good start as everyone loves it. $10.80 and is best shared between two or more people on your table as the serving size is pretty large for a one person entree.


Their salmon sashimi entree is hard to go past if you just want a small taste of sashimi or only like salmon as some of us do. Again just $10.80 for this which is easily shared between two.


Masuya has the freshest seafood so obviously one of their best menu items are going to be sashimi. If you are not adverse to sushi and sashimi then you can't go past sharing a Sashmi Boat with a friend:


Price: $68 - Feeds 2 to 4 people depending on how much they love Sashimi. Personally I can eat one by myself.


If you are more into cooked Japanese food then you can't go past Masuya's good selection. This prime scotch fillet tekiyaki angus beef for example is amazing for $19.80.

I recommend checking out the full menu. This restaurant also prepares some amazing hotpot dinners so if you are into DIY you can't go past their shabu shabu:


Masuya HotPot $24.80pp best for 2 or more people.

Of course if you feel like a drink they serve all the good Jap beers including Sapporo in the big cans:


Please post if you intend to attend.

Hungry yet? I got hungry just posting this thread...

Table is currently booked for 15 people, we can extend this but only if you let us know first!!!:

- Sewid +1

- Blitz

- Beer Barron

- A31Deviat

- Liz

- Merli

- Damuscat +2

- Tosh

- tjandriesen+1

- nissaner

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yeah, masuya is a top choice guys! It's literally 100 meters from my work and I eat there about once a week. They have just re-opened too after some renovations. great food and not too expensive. I'm there dudes.

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Ando, cancel your other plans.

Glad we had this talk.

Cancelling plans may end up with me minus my very important male 'parts'.... Don't think Jess will take to knidly to me bailing on her :D:D

Will confirm tonight

But Nick if you feel like taking on the wraith.. be my guest :D

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Goddamn it!!! Saturday night??

I already have dinner plans for that night, so unless you guys plan on "scratching my itch", then I'm going to have to stick with my original plans :D

And you have to rub it in but picking Masuya too! :D :D :D Brilliant food there guys, you won't be disappointed!

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Ok, got off the phone with Masuya, since the late dinner session starts at 8pm we will move it to Thursday 26th July. 8pm should give people time to get from wherever to the city after work on Thurs.

Please update if you can attend Ando, Merli, BB...

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AWESOME!! Count me in people!!! Thursday night it is!

Oh and anyone going to be in there earlier? I am heading thru Wynyard after work anyway, so no point going all the way home to turn around and come back in. Maybe meet up for a couple of quiet ales before hand?

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