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History Of The Skyline

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I've been looking around a bit recently for some good reading material about the evolution of the Skyline (not just the GTR) and the RB engine. Can anyone help me find some more?

Something I'm really interested in - but can't find anything about - is who designed the bodies and what was the story behind their designs (like what were their cues, what inspired them). So far, all I've been able to find is Shiro Nakamura is senior vice president for the Nissan design division. I don't know how long he has been or anything else about him.

I'm particularly interested in the R33 Series 2, only because that's what I happen to drive, but anything would be good.

I've had a look through these forums and other places and so far I can find some fairly dry information on wikipedia:





http://history.jbskyline.net/ (Okay, okay, I found this one using Search :banana: )

Even some ideas for books or videos on the subject would be good. Any ideas?

Also, I'm looking for a scale model of a silver R33 GTS25t. I don't think they exist, but my hope was perked up a bit when I saw a scale model of an R32 GTSt. All I can find anywhere are GT-Rs.

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Thanks guys for all the awesome info.

Modena - I love the old Skyline ads, they're so cheesy in that Japanese-trying-to-appeal-to-western-culture kind of way.

Rezz - That's great, I've never seen an R33 scale model before. Now if only I could find a series 2 :)

Vietorious - lol, halfcut scale model

MintR33 - That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Have you read it?

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Nice one mate, thanks for that! I've just downloaded it. It's pretty good reading.

Looking at the mods section, it's also made me think I'm going to have a crack at some homemade water injection. Not sure about a whole 20L tank in the boot though. I wonder if any benefit would be offset by the extra 20kg you need to carry?

Something I'd consider doing as well is hooking up the water pump to the "Power" switch (I have an auto), so that it only pumps when you're doing some spirited driving.

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