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Dent Removal For A Merc

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I'm desperate for advice and this forum looked active.

I'm no expert on cars, But I've damaged my friends Mercedes and i've left three dents on the bonnet and I've offered to pay him back.

I've not been able to get pictures of the dents but this is a picture of his car and i've shown where they are on the bonnet. You have to look fairly closely to notice they are there. The two in the middle are just shallow depressions and i'm not too worried about those.

But there is one right on the slope that i'm concerned with because it's in an awkward position. Is it possible with the metal body of this model compared to modern caes to remove these dents with Paintless Dent Removal? I've read it is much cheaper and looks tidier than panel beating but I don't know whether it's going to be of use in this situation.

So my main questions are:

  • Given the different metal body material rather than the plastic compound with flexi paint, can Paintless Dent Removal be used on this car.
  • How much am I looking to pay for for each dent or overall. (2 shallow depressions and one dent on the slope of the bonnet)



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first thing u need to establish is if the paint has cracked or creased at any point in the dent. if it has, then its panel beating time. u can't leave the paint cracked, it'll let water in underneath, bubble, rust and then flake off.

if its not cracked then u are a chance at paintless repair. it all comes down to how malleable the metal is. different parts of the panel have different 'tensions'. think of a coke can - if u put a dent in the side its easy to 'pop' it out - cos this part of the metal has a lot of natural tension, it 'wants' to pop back out. but put one in the edge near the ends tho, and its very difficult.

so that being said, the shallow dents should be a breeze. the one on the crease, is going to bemore difficult. they might be able to get most of it out, but you will probably be still left with an indent, possibly a crease line.

i got some shallow dents in my 1/4 panel popped out, cost 110 bucks. the more dents the cheaper it is. i'd say about 200-250 for the job you're showing me.

it'll just be a matter of how picky ur mate is. he might not be happy with the end result, in which case, its panel beating time.

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I possibly wouldn't even call the one on the crease line a dent, and I'm happy to say that the paint is fine.

The crease line one is not a dent as if somethings hit it. It looks like somethings rolled over it and just changed the shape of the metal slightly.

Hopefully all is well and panel beating isn't needed.

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my boss has a 300c, a branch fell of a tree and landed on his bonnet....long story short. he had a few dents on awkward parts of his bonnet, got one of those paintless dent removal dudes out...spent about an hour and presto...youd never even know even under strong bright light.

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