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Hey guys

Looking at getting some Tein type flex coilovers for my ecr33, is anybody here using them and if so what are your opinions/experiences with them? most people seem to be using Super Streets, but im not sure if they will go low enough for my liking, i want something that will just tuck the top of the tyre inside the top of the gaurds, and ofcourse they need to be smooth enough for street use but need to be good on the track aswell (i may start doing some track in the future), i think the spring rates that come with the type flex's are 6kg all round.

So basically im looking for some opinions on what the type flex's are like, any help would be really great.

Cheers :cool:

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I am using them in my 32 gts, so the result in the 33 can be rather different. For height adjustment, the fronts go pretty low (can tuck the wheels), the rears you have to un preload the springs to get less than a one finger gap. But, if you wish to dump the car, the springs/dampers are too soft, even if you preload the piss out of the fronts its still prone to frame smashing. But once you find the happy medium for height, they are a pretty good daily setup. Smooth enough that your kidneys dont explode, and stiff enough to keep the car level in corners. Again this is just my experience with my car, but I hope it helps.

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Cheers for the help mate, so do you know how much lower the type flex's can go compared to the super streets?, ive been looking for info and pics of r33's with them and cant seem to find any decent info anywere, if they can just tuck the tyres (im running 18x9 +30 on the rear with 255/35 and 18x8 +28 on the front with 225/40) then i will be happy, i dont want to go ultra low, just low enough so i dont have a gap between the tyre and gaurd.

Any further help would be really appreciated.


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I've got Type Flex's on my R33 GTS-25T. Mine are set so that centre of wheel to gaurd is about 340mm all round. They have lots of room to go lower though. I'm sure you will be able to get them to sit as you describe.

I run 17x8 and 17x9's and have about 3-4cm from wheel to guard. I'm quite sure they could be adjusted much lower. Plenty of room on the coilover to lower more.

I think they are great for the street. Firm but not overly that it feels as your car is gonna fall apart. The car handles well too. They are designed as a compromise for the daily driver with track work in mind.

Another user on SAU a couple years back also recommended them to me when I posted the same question as you.

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Never been on track so couldn't really say. Have done lots of spirited driving on the road...twisty mountains..and find them more than sufficient.

There is little body roll and good feel over bumps. The only other R33 skyline i've driven with coilovers was a GTR with tein HA's. Felt much stiffer and harsher over bumps.

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Hi mate

I have a set of Tein flexs on my R33 GTR and find them great and there is lots of room to slam it to the ground if req.

I like a bit of ground clearance for the front bar and had to raise it a bit but it still looks good just an inch between the top of the tyre and guard.

They can be a bit on the harsh-side on rough-lumpy roads roads and can bounce the car around but more than make up for it on smooth ones when its time to hit warp speeds.my mrs drives it and never complains about the suspension being harsh,i would call it very firm.

What transformed the handling and steering was getting Cusco adjustable arms (front and rear) and getting the wheel alignment set up correctly as you will have excessive camber after lowering and touchy steering(and brutal tyre wear,unless this is fixed).

hope this helped

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i dont know how much tein flex are worth but i had super streets in my s13 and they didnt go too low at all. I have HA's in my r32 now and they go lower but not that low still.

My brother has super streets in his s14a but he bought them from fulcrum and befor they even sent them they stripped them down, put on metal camber adjustable tops, scrapped the 5kg,6kg springs and got f8kg and r6kg springs and cut them (properly of course) and revalved it to suit the shorter stiffer springs. Needless to say after the dyno and all they cost him $2600 and they are the nicest coilovers i have felt out of any tien/hks etc. How ever HKS also go very low.

My opinion... id rather spend $1500 on HSD type R which have metal tops, full hieght and damper adjust, never heard a thing wrong and apparently they go very low. Then you have $1000 to buy the sway bars and front and rear camber kit... then you will handle even better than what an expensive set of coilovers will give. Personally i think HSDs are a good coilover

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Shit didnt relise i didnt update this thread, anyway my supplier sold the last set of flexs just as i went to buy them so i decided to get super drifts intsead, they are a model up from the flex's, come with 7kg springs front and read and have pillow ball top hats (the flex's dont come with top hats so you have to use the stock ones), the can go super low and ride nice and smooth (a little bumpy sometimes but nothing to complain about) ,they have transformed the car handling wise!! i can post pics on the shocks and with them installed on the lowest setting if anyone needs pics etc etc!

Cheers for the help anyway guys :wave:

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