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Information On Nm35 Stagea

Angus Smart

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Cheers Chris,

i'll have to keep my eye on a few in the next few weeks then! seems about double yen ammount than a decent 3.5-4 grade prime stagea (wgnc34)

it looks like they will be a better buy than the previous stagea, and the styling is alot better... i think!

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watch the build date. anything after 11/03- no compliance nor emmissions. I have two customers here with them and they are sitting idle unable to be driven or registered.

Edited by Chris Rogers
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which is the primo model?

similar to stagea prime edition with leather etc.

cant seem to come across much info. but i'd like to import one instead of series two stagea.

I have an Autech Axis 2004 model sitting in my garage. As Chris says, waiting for emissions, very painful...

For the time being don't buy anything later than 11/03.

The best place to find more info is goo.net...

try that for a start, also...

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