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How "bolt On" Is A Garrett Gtrs?

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Yes it's available in the T3 and if you buy the kit, it will bolt on to your existing T3 flang and front/dump pipe (whichever it is)

Comes with ALL lines gaskets, the works

If you're familiar with what you are doing, a one day job easy.

Why do people always think it's only T25?

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"GT-RS" is the fancy HKS name for a Garrett GT2871R 52T - only with a HKS turbine housing in T25/28 or T3 flange . The one in that picture is the version with Garretts T25/28 flanged GT28 turbine housing .

The confusion with GT25/GT28 exists because what was once called a "GT25" turbine is now called a GT28 turbine or more specifically that 54mm 76T NS111 turbine . In todayspeak a GT2530 would be called a GT2830 , in fact the "GT2530" and GT-RS/GT2871R use the same identical turbine .

The "GT-RS" comes in two distinct versions like the GT2530 does - one for T28 flange apps ie CA18/SR20DET and another for RB20/25DET . The RB specific GT-RS has a custom port shrouded compressor housing because HKS knows they'll surge without it on an I6 .

The bottom line is if you want a conversion kit that goes bolt you'll need the HKS RB specific version . The reason is mainly because Garret have not manufactured an integral gate T3 flanged GT28 turbine housing let alone one with the RB dump flange pattern .

Some here have had their RB25 turbos housings reprofiled to suit a GT2871R and at least doing it this way the thing bolts back between the std manifild and dump flanges . You need custom oil and water fittings/lines then because Garretts GT BB turbos use different (smaller) ones than the Nissan/Hitachi turbos do .

There are a couple of other locally made turbine housings but I think the HKS one is the pick - given a choice .

Cheers A .

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So to get a garrett gtrs onto my manifold and dump would be an expensive ordeal? Was only really looking at the garrett for the 1650 price tag. The hks version is over 2k and kinda more than i wanna spend.

Looks like i may be in for a gcg hiflow or even a slide...

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The kit comes with every thing you need to convert from the stock turbo, water and oil lines to the GTRS turbo and ss water/oil lines.

Dont forget the kit comes with the Uprated adjustable acuator. Just shorten the shaft and once you get the psi you want your set. So no need for a boot controller.

Took me a bit over half a day to do the conversion myself and I am not a real fast worker when it comes to mechanical stuff.

The kit is a very ood bang for buck if you ask me.

Cheers mate!

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