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Garret T3/4 Highflows

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bought a skyline recently( off my old man )

its pretty much stock with only a catback ex, pod, microtech ECU. being tax time i am looking at changing that a bit.

currently got a T03 turbo from a VL in the shed and was think of getting it highflowed and putting on the liner also with the addition of a FMIC, front pipe, highflow cat and fuel pump.

my question is, many people here ventured out there and used one on there skyline? how do they perform?

cheers mick

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i could be wrong but i think that the vl turbos had a rather small exhaust housing on them. and the cost of getting it highflowed would be about as much as getting a new turbo, or the stock r33 one highflowed.

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DO NOT put a VL turbo onto your skyline. For a few reasons.

1: they are bush bearing and a old design

2: you need to mod the oil lines

3: you need to make a custom dump pipe because the wastegate flap is on the dump pipe and its a major pain in the ass

4: it will be laggier and will not make hardly anymore power then a stock turbo

The reason why i know this ? is because i have put one on my r33 before. Biggest piece of shit turbo you can get for a r33. Sure if your putting one on a old datsun or something but seriously if you have a skyline by the time you have finished the job you have spend more then the cost of a new GCG turbo and will have less power.

You have been warned =)

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t3/t4 turbos are not a bad thing. Just like rb25 highflow turbos, if you get a good one if you get a good one, they're awesome. If you get a shit one, they're shit.

Send GT-Shortie a pm about the r3/t4 turbos. He had one on his car until he had a stronger motor built - wanted more power etc.

His t3/t4 is for sale. Had better response than the rb25 highflow and made great power. It's in almost brand new condition too.

Edit: Forgot to mention, if you get a good one (like his), it is striaght bolt on - comes with evertyhing you need.

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What engine is this going on, RB30 or twin cam RB20/25 engine?

If its an RB30 R31 as your avatar depics, then the t3/t4 is the logical choice as its straight bolton.

If its got a RB20/25 conversion then get a RB20/25 turbo high flowed as it will go straight on and have the advantage of ball bearing response if you build it back to that spec.

Bluey1 the cop VL, ran 10's on a t3/t4 highflow, was power ported but retained stock turbine and compressor housings, it was done by ATS. (Was stripped and ran race fuel of course)

At the end of the day, highflows are kind of old school and the Garrett GT series turbos really do offer good value and performance for their money. So you need to think what the long term goal is, to save spending twice.

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as stated in my first post, it is going on my new R33, basically the only reason i was looking at highflowing the the t3 is because i have one, sitting in the shed doin sweet FA and read in the RB25 mod thread about a bloke doin 250 odd kw on pretty low boost with one. At the end of the day my goal is too see between 250-270rwkw safely with the auto.

By what i have read, these figures arent all that hard to acheive with a 25 and also with the auto, with a few supportive peices of hardware. Generally as i am only a young bloke i am not made of millions and the cheapest way is the best way

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