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Do All S2's Have White Guages?


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Cool, but at the end of the day, still much better looking than my black S1 guages, IMHO. So, it would appear that I want s@ guages, and if I've re4ad the other threads accurately, a S2 260RS will have no 'tree' for auto gers in it. Anyone know if the same holds true for all S2 manuals??

I just have this thing about having a manual guage cluster in a manual car....call me crazy...

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Mine's a converted S1, and even though the central stack is still there, the "PRND2L" is gone - not sure if the previous owner removed/covered just that section, or if it's a new dash. I can take a picture if you want, Micah, but I'm guessing you get the idea.

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yeah.... about the only S1 feature I like better than S2 is the headlights/grille.... I'll just keep on making it into a S2 little by little.... :P

First pic is a series 2 manual cluster from a "s" not 260rs but they are the same

Second pic is from a series 1 260rs with the auto slot in it still, that is how they come from autech.

Third pic is from a series 1 auto cluster, note the selector tree bulbs up the middle

Forth pic is of a series 2 auto cluster, note the different plug for the selection tree.

So there will be some wiring issues trying to fit the series 2 cluster in a series 1

Best thing in your car is to get of yahoo a set of white face dials to convert your cluster and you can also get a new fasica without the auto selection tree slot. Done





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Mine are a light grey colour, not quite white.

The marks around the edges of the guages also light up orange when the headlights/dash lights are on, not sure if this is the same for s1?

IMO the stagea guage area (not the whole dash) looks quite cheap - just a very simple plastic mould. They could've done a lot better...

I do like the whole dash layout though. :rolleyes:

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It's just I've noticed in the posted pictures: it would seem this is the case. Please advise, series 2 owners ...


No not all series 2's came with white/silver gauges only the RS series did & that's why Nissan called them RS meters

The X & G series came with Black gauges..

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