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It's My Birthday, So Dinner And Whatever Saturday 4 August.

Abo Bob

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I'm thinking Raquels on Oxford st Darlinghurst, where we went for the last SAU dinner of last year. We had a great time.. I think.. hehe. Yes we did.

So yeah, it's my birthday and I thought it was either this or sulk into a beer without you all.

Please post up if you are coming. I'm sure it will be a good night. Hopefully we can all fit into the restaurant.

People coming so far:

1. Abo Bob

2. Shell

3. Amy33

4. Rukus

5. Mr 32

6. DIF + 1

7. sinful

8. msnismo

9. adoraa

10. doodz

11. Sh@un

12. Smoky

13. skylinegtts

14. Trust33

15. Traman18 + 1

16. Sl!m

17. lingeringsoul

18. N1GTR

19. GoldZilla + 1

20. Haysey

21. DJ Brave

22. Tinks + 1


24. NXTIME + 1

25. impact_blue

26. Bunta

27. Nutzhunglow

28. Shaolin

29. Dr Doof

30. Lizjane

31. T04GTR

32. Risking

+ 3 of my mates so 39 now.

Ok we are going to have to move it to fit all the people in.

It's now at the Hellenic Club.

Dinner $34 each and drinks should be cheap. We will have the place to ourselves too so that will be good.

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What an old fart... :rolleyes:

Raquels is cool, let's hope the same bar lady is there! Last time she gave like 3/4shots and 1/4 coke. Think they went through two bottles of jimbeam in like 30mins.

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