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Ordering Of Sau Hoodie For Sa And Other States


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Ok everyone in tha urgancy of being fair to our hoodie maker, we r taking orders of the final design a day early, i thank everyone for participating in voting job well done. :laugh:

now please only post ur order or pm cara or my self.

stating size.

zip or no zip,

nick name or no nick name.

if ur not a South Australia resident and r interested in purchasing plz contact ME by pm for further information.

tha final desgin is as following.

http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...t&id=108957 (front)

http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...t&id=108952 (back)

for south australia buyers, please get ur orders in by WEDNESDAY 1st August to my self of cara as this years auto salon is the goal ! but if you want yours after then dont worry bout the dead line. Other states there is no due date 4 order placement. :)

form of payment will b posted later 2day or 2morrow :)

process of making them will take 10-7 days for South Australia

other states, unkown at this time but will post that up aswel with payment details !

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how much are these going to be, would like to know a rough price before i say yes or no

The best price I can give you for the hooded jumpers is $25.40 plus GST from Biz Collection. Interestingly a full zip hooded jacket is cheaper @ $22.30 plus GST from Winning Spirit.

thats pritty much the roughest price off the top i can say it would cost roughly ?

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Don't really like the big SAU on the front, but i will take one.

How do we order one (pay for it)

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hey guys

just got this email:

"I'm so sorry but I will have to decline on this one. I have lost one staff member this week and will be training two newbies over the next month. I also have a huge workload piling up for other customers and could not commit to completing this job in the time frame. I have attached your file that you can shop around to other embroidery companies. This will save you a set-up fee and they should be able to offer a similar price for the garments and stitching."'

so we can still get them through her and wait or will have to look else where but will probably have to pay more $$$

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maybee do the urgent ones those who are entering there cars for auto salon that might make the squeeze not so bad

the rest of us can wait

agreed on that one, just count up the SA autosalon car entries and who of them r interested. we can wait out for abit, everyone has gone this long :yes:

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