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Anyone Running A Motec Ecu With The Rb26 Igniter Box And Coil Set Up?

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Whole set up is new, using an M800 ECU, everything is working EXCEPT the spark side. Using new coils WITHOUT built in igniters, and a new Nissan RB26 igniter box I have tried everything I can think of to get a spark. I have tried different coils and a known good used igniter. Jury rigging the loom to run used Nissan RB26 coils with a built in igniter to bypass the separate igniter box I get a perfect spark on all cylinders. Having bought a new igniter and new Splitfire coils though, it's very frustrating not being able to get them to work. Will the M800 run the coils WITHOUT built in igniter circuitry directly? Anyone running an M* series ecu with the separate igniter box firing the coils? Thanks.

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