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Stock S1, Non Turbo, Rwd ? Rego In Aus :s....


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Yes NA S1s are compliable. I've seen many around.

yeah theirs been a na piece of shit on ebay too that's also Aparantly regoed

Give it a break, NA's are good for people who want them. Not everyone wants, or can drive a turbo.

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it might have been brought in before the import compliance change?

Be a good car for my mum ;) I worked at a compliance bike shop in qld and we used to comply bikes that were not exactly what they said on the plate (slightly different model)But i think due the volume of cars complied in qld, they seem to slip through the cracks. And inspections in qld can be done at privately owned servos. For $3500 would make a good daily drift hack. Should I tell him he is dreaming :)

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