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How Long After Compliance Plate Approval


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Hey guyz,

i was looking at a car but it was not complianced yet. and i kept checking the RAWS website since i had the VIN number. Each time i searched it said no Results found.

Today i tried and it brought up the car details and it says

Plate Approval Date - 4th August(Yesterday)

How long does it take after this to get the compliance plates and Register teh car here in W.A?

I used search but it doesnt really have any info i wana know.

Thanks for the help Mates.

I love u all :whistling:

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if you apply for the physical plate (pink sticker) that day it will be 3-7 days from dotars clearing it

you have to take it pit inspection for rego so thats up to who ever's car it is

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