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Engine Oil Pressure


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Just a bit of a quick one, wat oil pressure should a stockish r33 be running- 10w 40 turbolight.

Factory specs (using 7.5w-30) are idle-1



I would say my car (Warm temp, operating!!)

idle 2-3ish (closer to 3 i would say )



Would an oil flush with the next oil change help?? Motor is generally really well looked after, and runs really healthy!

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i think that idle could be a bit lower though- personal i think that it should be around the first line. I mean not to over worried though cause i understand that the guage could be slightly out too, but i always do an oil change every 5k doesn't burn much oil at all! :D

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yer sweet as i ran into it earlier today- there is a post here about how much oil in an r33 , and its a link lol

Yer i think that is factory 7.5w-30, so there is a slight pressure increase plus the aging of the motor (haven't seen a car idle on 1 before lol) and this is weather dependent- japs don't have the heat!

As well as the accuracy of the actual guage itself!

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^^Either that or...

wats peoples opinion on oil flushes? personally i'm against them!

You mean doing an Engine Flush, to get rid of any oil that has sludged up?

If so, I would go easy on it.

Some engine flush liquid / solutions can be quite abrasive so I do a light flush if needed.

Speak to you mechanic to see which one is not so harsh.

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Oil flush additives aren't worth it, I just dump the oil when it's been up to operating temperature (wear protective gloves etc to protect your hands) and jack up the passenger side to help.

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