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Greetings Australia! My name is Sanek, I from Russia, from Moscow. At us multipeople take a great interest streetracing, and adore nissan skyline! I have got to myself ECR33 rb25det MT 1995, with car is very happy! But recently has started to reflect on completions of the stallion, I wish to construct rb30. Experience of assemblage at our masters is not present, and there is nobody to help me. Has decided to address to you, at you it is a lot of experience in construction of such units. Please, explain to me how to collect rb30, or share references, I will be very grateful.

Ah yes, welcome to our Russian forum on Nissan skyline! We will be glad to help!


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Ar Ping Pong!

Didnt get one thing is this r34 sedan driven by a girl? or is this guy too much into girls? wud sure love to smoke weed with chicks like that@ who drive these cars.

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