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yup, sure is. get a mongoose M80 series alarm. australian standards, 3 point immobilizer circuts, black wiring harness, you can option things like window windup modules, siren and chirping when locking/unlocking, and it comes with an onboard turbo timer.

best alarm out for such a desirable car.

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+1 for the m80 :D

The most important thing to remember is, do not skimp on the install!!! It doesn't matter how good your alarm is, if it's installed poorly you have just wasted your money.

Where abouts do you live? then we can recommend you a good installer.

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Guido: I assume you're from Brisbane after seeing a few of your post. Give Chris Rogers a call at www.audioexpress.com.au . He'll most likely recommend autowatch for you. I got the M80 (forgot which exact model) at that time and got an autoelectrician to hoook it up for me. Everything works fine and its slightly cheaper than what Chris quoted for the Autowatch (both brands are Australian standard complied) but I'm not very happy with the detection range. If I'm 5-10metres away, it will not sense it at all (just shits when it comes to sensing range). For the amount that I'm saving (around 200), I would opt for tha Autowatch if I were to have it done again. Unless you're feeling rich, then get the gps tracking ones.

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$50 alarm for a $35k car- not really.

give me a call if you want it done PROPERLY. 90% of people toss the alarm under the column and in doing that I can take teh car in 30 sec and drve off. seen PLENTY of crap jobs over hte years and have fixed quite a few more. probably the reason my name pops up so often.

currently I'm one of the few people modding the R35 electrically and those guys are quite picky on who they trust with their car.

details are in my sig.

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