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Oil priming before each start up

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Been having this problem for years and I'm over it.

Have an FJ20 with external oil pump. The pump is mounted slightly higher than the sump and it has a -10 oil feed line to the front cover where the internal pump used to be.

Each start up, it rattles it's head off until oil pressure comes up. 

My solution is to set a start delay in the ecu until it sees oil pressure. Problem with this, it takes ages to start each time as the longer it sits, the more prime it looses.

I looked at an accusump as a solution which would of course work, but are there any other fixes?

I've been looking at small electric oil pumps that i could fill the system with first but nothing seems specific for the problem.

Any suggestions would be great.


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5 hours ago, r32-25t said:

Pull Belt off and turn pump with a drill, put belt back on and start car 

Bit of a task to do every start up.. lol

4 hours ago, Duncan said:

Do you have an option to overfill the oil enough to get to the level of the pump (without going above the windage tray), or remake the bracket to lower the pump?

No, pump is too high and lower control arm in the way unfortunately.

1 hour ago, GTSBoy said:

I could only imagine using a small transfer pump style thingo and a solenoid valve. Valve closed all the time, open when you run the pump to prime.

Can't imagine it would be fun to fit it all in though.

If the pump is small enough and doesn't even need to do much pressure. Just needs to fill the lines. Finding it hard to locate something to do that job..

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22 hours ago, Duncan said:

Can you put a large enough one way valve in the pump supply to stop drain back without impacting full noise flow?

I've looked into this and the answer I came up with was that the potential risk of restriction and causing engine damage was too much risk.

22 hours ago, Duncan said:

Bluebirds must get driven much more frequently than Skylines 🤣

Haha. It's already 40yrs old and people look at me weird when it's cranking over for ages before starting..


22 hours ago, GTSBoy said:

Given light and clean synthetic engine oil, you could do an experiment with a Facet fuel pump or similar to see if it will move enough to do the job.

I'm currently looking to see if an assembly lube pump hardwired in with work. Can't find the right pump yet..

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