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Adjusting Number plates??


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Hi there ppl,

I've just registered my newly purchased Gtst and had the standard - 'black on yellow' plates issued (thinking of getting custom ones soon). The back one fits great but the problem is with the front one.

The cars is a 97 Model M-Spec with a funky bit added on to the front bar, and the space for the front number plate is just an inch shorter in length. I've asked the RTA and they don't do custom cut plates. So my alternatives are either 1) get an mechanic to place it somewhere on the bar and also adjusting the lighting instruments or 2) get the '5' character 'white on black' plates.

The problem is with the 2nd option is I can't get the custom plates I'm after.

Is there any other way of attatching the plate cos I really dont wanna be putting any holes into my bar.

btw, I'm in Sydney.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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a - as cs180 says bend the ends up/behind till it fits

b - relocate the mounting device

c - go to your local sign shop and get a sticker equiivalent made up.

the sticker i'd say is the neatest bet, it will look great. A friend of mine had no room on his FD to put a plate so he jsut had a sticker made. Its not *that* legal so youd have to check but hey, stops u having to muck around with your bar!


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Whilst we're on number plates, does anyone know if you need to actually place the plate in the centre of the car? I've seen guys with R32's that attach it to the lower grill, other guys affix it under one of the headlights.

Is this legal in NSW? No, I haven't asked the RTA yet, just thought I'd try SAU first


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apparently the number plate "has to be parrallel with the axels on your car, but can be anywhere" quote from a qld pig.

someonestolecc: you can buy kits that when you press a button the number plate folds down and there is someone giving the finger behind it.. the kit was $150 from memory

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If it helps, new Alfas come out of the factory with an offset numberplate. And I've been through a few RBTs and passed countless cop cars with my numberplate way off to the side and none of the batted an eyelid. As someone said above, it just has to sit flat, face forwards and be visible from some arbitrary angle some distance away. I dunno what the numbers are, but 45° and 50m away (measured from the middle of the front bar, facing the front of the car) do ring bells.

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