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Christmas Cruise numbers: whos coming


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Hey everyone! Well since sunday is fast approaching thought I might start another thread jus to see how many are actually coming and how many of you are going to be soft :) (it's ok I'm sure those not coming will have good excuses) :cooldance.

So the question now is, whos coming, who are you taking and who isn't coming of coarse :) and thats where the poll comes in (Thank you Richard :headspin: ), so post away ppls have a great day everyone! See you all on sunday!

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Sorry guys, i'll be in Bathurst at another christmas party

Ah,well:look at the bright side-when in Bathurst,spiritual Australian home/stomping ground of the Skyline,you might as well crack a lap of Mount Panaorama...even if there is a 60km/h limit!Feel the serenity?Meh...feel the history!

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Dude, everytime i go home i do at least 5 laps, and then go for a rally drive up the top in the camping grounds. i found i had so much more respect for the mount when i had my skyline, and also with the stagea

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