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Blitz Power meter SJ how to install ???

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hey i just got a power meter sj for christmas and i dont know how to install i have searched yahoo and coudltn find anything. its all in japenesse and i cant read it lol so if any 1 could helpo and give step to step dircetions that would be great! its for a series to skyline with stadard auto ecu, the wire colours i have on the meter are brown/black/orange/red thankz any1 plz help

:wassup: pm me thankz

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mate i did mine yesterday. when you pull out the cable to your computer and twist it to the left, the bottom right of the plug, you need to splice into the green cable 8 pins in from the right hand side.on the bottom row. and the red is your 12v and your black is earth. done. too easy.

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[hey just wondering i still havent done my blitz sj meter yet how did you do like step by step coz im not sure or do u have any intructions???of what wire means what???wire diargram??? coz my mechanic never has done one and wont touch it with a diagram or you know pm me back thankz

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