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if you owned my car what would u do next??


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Hey, i have a basically stock R32 GTR..

full exhuast with front pipes..

impul modded stock ecu.. no idea to what extent..

aftermarket airfilters..

i have just purchased some R34 GTr N1 turbos..

My plans were to get a Boost Controller straight away... EVC 5 probably ?? good ??

and what do you think i should do next.. im on a limited budget but i want to get maximium performance and realiability for minimal cost..

thanks people..

these what i was thinking.. whats your thoughts wouldnt come at once but would they be wise??

HKS Cams 265 in and out ? sound right?

Power FC

Nismo AFMS ?? cost $$???

cam gears ??

Bosch 044??

Front Mount?? hopefully a trust one ??

injectors 600cc??

thanks heaps!

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get those N1's on there make sure before you do that you can afford a set of nice aftermarket dump pipes and bolt them up at the same time as the turbo swap. Other then that I would be looking at installing a pfc and cam gears and looking for a good tuner .

Shouldn't have to worry to much about your afm's if you keep it under 300kw@wheels if you want to go close or more you will have to upgrade your fuel system as well .

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i think it would be better to go for a AVCR with the POWER FC. with the afm's you could use 2x rb20 ones. you can use the standard cooler upto 300kw so i wouldn't worry about it for now. then i would go for fuel pump ( bosch, walbro or nismo, probably one of the other two to keep cost down) and injectors ( 600cc sounds good ). as GTRman1992 said an oil cooler would be a good investment if you intend on going to some track days. sounds like you going to have some fun on this project!!! :D i would ;)

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great Question Kill HSV!!! yeah i was planning to do a compression test before the turbos go on if all good will put them on if not oh well.. will just have to rebuilt it i guess.. or save for one!! anyone else know much about the differences between avcr and Evc5 ??

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