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Does SAUWA accept stageas ??? :)


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hey guys i was wondering whether u dont mind a stagea owner joining the club once i put my gtr running gear in :aroused:

should be ready in a month or two

ill be up for cruises etc for sure ;)

i havent had a decent road car to cruise in for ages as i never drove the vl on the street, bloody insurance costs ;)

and the vs 6 banger is a weapon that everyone just loves at cruises :throwup:



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RB26VL - we welcome everyone as members to SAUWA. As Steve said we have WRX owners, 180sx, silvia's etc as paid members. We are a club aimed at import enthusiats... with the main focus on Skylines and definitly Nissan imports.

If you want more informatin on joining, there is a sticky thread about becoming a member. This will tell you what you have to do to join. :D

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gonna be one mean stagea :aroused: welcome to the club... :(

adrian :P

p.s bam you basterd i just read the quote of mine that u edited...... u know i only like to squeeze your ass... hahah

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