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Complianced 15yo, but no new VIN plate? (VIC)


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Ive purchased an 1998 Import thru XXX importers in VIC.

It has been engineered for compliance to ADRS (intrusion bars, ulp filler , belts etc). .... however the importers have not supplied the VIN/CHASSIS plate. There is the japanese blue one, but not the Australian one.

I spoke to the compliancer and he states that it is not needed for an 1988 car!?!

I thought all road vehicles are to have this plate!? Or do Vicroads supply it after reg? Because i rang Vicroads and they said if my car was built in 1989 then Canberra would have to approve the import and they would send down the VIN plate, but for cars that are built in 1988 it is not needed!?

But again this is from one guy at vicroads, the next guy could say something else.

Does anybody here have an 1988 import? and do you have the Aussie vin/chassis plate???

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ALL 15yr+ imports require approval for import from Canberra. 1988 model vehiclesretain the original japanese VIN number, however 1989 model vehicles will have a new one issued. The new number will generally be the same as the Jap one but with 6U900000 attached to the front of it.

In this case a new vin plate is required to be fitted to the vehicle. (just something made at local engravers and riveted above the original.

I am not 100% familiar with VIC rulings. But in Qld the vehicle will require a mod plate to show that LO1 compliance has been carried out. (for ALL 15+ imports)

Hope that helps you out. Perhaps if I have misunderstood, this will enable you to decifer if you need a VIN plate or a mod plate.

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I spoke to the compliancer and he states that it is not needed for an 1988 car!?!

This is correct for 15yo compliance AFAIC. My 89 GTR was recently complianced and no plate was supplied. However a new VIN is issued by DOTARS and that is stamped into a convenient area of the engine bay. In my case it's stamped into the drivers side shock tower. The original Japanese chassis number is 'incorporated' into the new VIN, but the new VIN complies with DOTARS standards. In my case the new VIN is:


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It's probably not a good idea to quote the VIN number where all can see and possibly use it.

Why is that Jon? I don't mean to sound confrontational - just that VIN's are commonly available. You can find out the chassis numbers of cars without too much time/effort.

There was a .pdf floating around a few weeks ago with all the VIN's of Australian delivered GTR's. What can you use the VIN for?


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