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got my GTR!!! :|

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well i finally got my gtr, she started straight away and runs pretyt good, although i havnt revd it over 4000rpm. (not untill i service it etc)

anyways, a few things, 1 of which makes me very worried.

the under carrage has some damage which looks pretty serious, it looks like they lifted it with a fork lift. 1 of the bars on the frame is pretty badly crushed, and the other side doesnt look too good.

Ill take pictures of it toomorw and post em up.

question is, can it be fixed legally? will it cost me **** loads? i was all happy my car came, then i looked underneith and it killed the smile :P i think it was done while they steam cleaned it.

also, the back diff is making a huge clunking noise, esepcally when i turn right. is the diff locked? i wanna unlock it if it is.

also my boost gauge was stolen.

i knew there was a risk in importing, so i dont need to hear that.


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The rails do bend easily

Mine were perfect until the licensing inspector decided to jack the car up to check the wheel


Couple of nice big dents in there now!

Thats nasty damage.

Looks fixable though as the rear of the rail sleaves into the front.

Possibly dolly the front section and replace the rear.

Then heaps of underbody tar j/k

Do you think it happened during shipping?

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there once was a time when you could inspect your car before it went to quarantine/ establishing wether or not it(damage) happened before or after it got of the ship? coz if it was on this side of things i would be asking for compensation! guess thats why they dont do it no more? came very close to the fuel lines there mate

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Hard to tell on the photos but it does look like its been like that for a while.

Everything fixable just depends how deep your pockets are.

If chassis rails can be repaired on vintage cars and complete sections cut-out and replaced

why cant yours be fixed?

Go and see some body repair shops and get some quotes its the only way you'll know for sure.

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dont stress....thats an easy job......heres how i did mine.....whoever jacked mine up had the sense to stop once is started fu(king it too much.....first you unspot the rail.....then planish it true again using a nice big lump of steel and a panel hammer(i use a 30cm length of railroad track i have) then clean all the sealer/deadner off the floorpan then reshape the floor pan by whacking it with a heavy hammer using a lump of wood to insulate it.....then give it a tune up with a hammer and dolly using the now straight rail as a guide to what the shape should be.....respot weld the rail on and reapply the factory seam sealers(not using that black tar sh1t that everyone use's.....if i catch anyone using that....you get castrated!)using the correct spatter gun and replicate the underbody colour and dress up the floor pan inside the vehicle and the job is done

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I agree with ylwgtr2....any competant panel beater should be able to repair that without problems, but of course there will always be a cost. Perth people should be able to make some recommendations, but get at least a few quotes.

If the damage was done by a forklift there should be other signs....eg 'flattening' of the the sill pinch weld, but there's not enough detail in the photos's to tell. But I agree with someone else's comment that the damage looks 'old'.

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thanx heaps ylwgtr2, reading that makes me feel a lot better.

i had a closer look at it, and the damage wasnt done from a forklift. the damage goes across one side. it looks like it was beached (or what ever you call it)

ill try to take some more pics. i dont think theyll be able flatten this one out, its squashed down too much.

thanx again dude.


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