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NGK plug problem

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Hi all,

Just wonder has anyone used this NGK BCPR6EIX-11 plug for their GTR. According to NGK website it seen that it should be fine on my GTR but when i put it on. My car just back fire or it just does not get any G when my turbo kit in at 3000RPM.

So what i did is, i give it a try by putting my my OLD plug (HKS S35) and it work fine again. Then i guess it could be my installation problem. Then i replace it with the NGK plug again, take it for a spin and the problem accour again. So i took it out and suddenly i found 3 of new plug where crack on the middle(the white color bit). Put back my old plug and it work fine again.

So is this my installation problem or NGK plug problem. Was thinking of calling up NGK and ask what is going on.



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You need BCPR6EIX not BCPR6EIX-11. The -11 means the plugs are gapped at 1.1mm, the ones without the -11 are gapped at 0.8mm. Also dont screw them in so tight to the point they are breaking, screw them in firmly, but dont keep forcing them tighter and tighter.

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Now that the plugs are cracked NGK will probably not want to know about it. Basically finger tight then 1/6th of a turn is enough. Don't waste money on iridiums and platinums, just use the copper plugs -> about $20 a set and gap them to 0.76-0.8mm. I pull mine before every race meet and regap.

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