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  1. Ah the joys of street tyres and having to chase the grip. Tops vids
  2. I am just starting 3rd bottle and listening to the commentary whilst reading the rules i would have had to neck 2 bootle. The Brock movie promos will be a killer
  3. Yikes...i hated spending $1500 on my fuel system. So you got v-cam on thus truck now! Mega
  4. That would be a tough game to endure Kel! Come on Volvo!!!!!
  5. I repeatedly post that as wise words have been spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTSBoy. I had some Performance Friction 343 rotors that I ended up using with soem CP5555 AP 6 pot calipers years ago. Before doing the dogbone for the AP caliper it so happened that the 280-324mm bracket sort of looked like a look with the 296mm R32 GTR/R33 GTS25T caliper I abandoned the idea after trial fitting and playing with it. The 343mm rotor was a lot profile anulis rotor but even still I couldnt get the Sumitomo caliper to saddle down snuggly on the rotor. The difference in curvature I found was just to big. If you ground out the middle of the caliper at its outer tips to open up the radius of the caliper than maybe but all got to hatchet very quickly. Should never have got rid of that 343mm 6 pot setup. Mega under a 17" wheel
  6. I dont rate the EVO upgrade kit . This would appear far better suited to std Nissan master cylinders and pedal leverage ratios. I personally would never run the EVO kits , even if i had ABS. These look a nicer solution Curious to know what caliper you found for the rears. I have never been able to find a nice Porsche 4 pot rear, even going old school 928/944 This looks on track for being a decent enough upgrade. Price is up for individuals to weigh up...but on paper it seems a better upgrade than the EVO calipers which based on piston size makes them a huge leap from std and how proven aftermarket kits from AP, Alcon, Bremo, Stoptech go about their kitd. But folk seem to give positive feedback so?!?! If you are drilling rotors etc may be worth looking at Mercedes ML 343mm rotors
  7. HiLol...was a rev up since he doesnt want to share any info. I am guessing he will install bleed nipples before he tries to chirp 3rds Looks like Cayenne calipers on a 324-332mm rotor of sorts as it all still fits under a 17" wheel.?!?!?!?! Probably work quite well on the smaller rotor. Problem with Cayenne calipers is they come with varying piston sizes depending what model Cayenne they are off. You need to have the ones with the smallest pistons to have a real chance of it being a good bolt on setup otherwise without ABS it will just be locksville
  8. I hope thats only a dummy/trial fit otherwise that is going to be close to the worst performing brake setup EVER
  9. What do you mean by WTAC compliant? I thought you had to use std mounting points...isnt that anything that bolts to the std hub? Curious to see how these go, from memory you still have the ABS so intersting to see how the ABS reacts
  10. I love how Sky are making excuses for Louise...blaming the direction of car development as the reason Louise has lost his advantage over Britney
  11. The perso n that bought my T67- 6 boob setup had clearance problems on his RB25. Fitted my RB20 fine so guess the easy fix is RB20 rocker covers