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  1. I am easy pleased. I enjoyed the race. Had some tension and enough tough, hard close racing to keep me entertained.
  2. Yeh, slowly getting it together. I am slowly slapping it all back together including some new little projects that I am keen to try. Also selling off all th ebits off my built RB25 while its healthy to help fund the new engine I am piecing together. The recent Euro trip to Monaco and tom-foolery hurt the budget so still slugging away with a small spend per month. Hope to have it back on the road tuned with the new Kinda surprise motor by Xmas and summer. Lol wanted to put A/C back in the car so used that as silly justification for a new engine
  3. It is up for sale as I am slowly taking out the built RB25 that is currently in my car and selling parts as they come off. Was polished silver... But when swapping out the RB20 for the RB25DE (uses all the same bolts ons as the RB20) i got a little carried away with red crackle paint so manifold is currently red. The only changes in the below plots are the PLazmaman plenum and a change from a HKS Type S intercooler to a larger ARC GTR Cooler. As you can see on the RB20 I lost response but you can see up top at red line it doesnt nose over meaning if you are willing to rev over 7,000rpm for the last 1,000-1,500rpm you can make more up top. If you run E85 then the manifold is a good upgrade as it allows you to wind in boost and ignition and powers holds on up top Or if you run a larger turbo like below, (change from TD06 to T67) then again you can see by the shape of the curve it comfortably holds on up top despite boost falling way off due to no EBC running at the time ASKING $520, located in Melbourne
  4. LOL, Lauda certainy is a no BS guy and you wonder whether he is over Lewis. Coming out and telling media that he trashed a Merc roomafter losing out in quali to Nico and telling the world he is simply lying about his relationship/respect with Nico is probably telling us something
  5. I have been googling away the past week trying to get a decent snap shot of the brands of semis slicks used these days. I have not considered the likes of the Federal 595RSR as a semi slick, though they are a very good tyre. Their are loads out there and in the 17" diameter range you seem able to get them for $300-350 a tyre vs the $550 that Yokohama and Dunlop wants for their tyres. (I have used a 255/40/17 as the baseline tyre for comparison) So I have not gone into huge details, just the brand and links. If people have used any of the more obscure models then be great if you could post feedback or results of any decent OS tyre tests you have come across. Dunlop DZ03G Dunlop DZ03G Link Comment - Seem to be recognised as almost being as quick as the AO50, but like all Dunlops good in the wet and quiet. Bridgestone RE55 Comment - Still decent enough things though really need to roll out an update. No idea what is happening with the RE-11S Yokohama AO50 Comment - Almost the track day standard tyre in Aus. Great grip but grossly expensive at ~$550 Nitto NT01 Comment - Seem insanely cheap at $350 a tyre Michelin Pilot Super Sport Michelin Motorsport page Comment - Said to have almost Pilot Sport Cup level of grip Pilot Sport Cup Micheline Pilot Cup site Seem to be the rage for the best road tyre you can put on fast track/street cars Federal FZ-201 & FZ-202 Comment - Up around the $500 a corner and not a great range of sizes available. Kuhmo V70A Seem to be used a bit on control tyre circles Toyo Proxes R888 Seem to be better at shorter events like hill climbs where grip is there from near cold Hankook Ventus TD Z221 Hankook Motorsport page Comment - Seem popular in the US. AO50 type money and look to be of equivelant performance to AO50 for sprints Silverstone FTZ Sport Type RR Dealer link Similar pricing to Nitto, ~$250.
  6. Well, have hung around SAU dribbling crap for ages....seeing everyone else get in on the build thread thought I would post up the story of my car to date, and keep it updated with some of the bits and pieces I will be doig over the coming weeks/months. The R32 is my second Skyline, owning a mint R31 GTS-X before it. Had an old school T3/4 Sierra based Turbo. Microtech, Volks etc but was t-boned by an idiot one night driving home from uni. So in Nov 99 went hunting for a new Skyline and stumbled accross a silver R32 GTSt (1992) at a car yard in Randwick (uncomplied, straight off the boat). So some wheeling and dealing had it in my driveway, from memory with 74,000kms on it, a HKS Super Drager cat back exhaust, HKS Air Filter, AVS Model 5 wheels and a Momo steering wheel...thats it. So, a service and 3 months of driving it around making sure it was a good thing and it was time to hit the track. Started out doing open days at Wakefield, MotoConcept days at Eastern Creek and then onto UAS days at Wakefield and MG Car Club days at Oran Park. Times sucked, as the car had std suspension and a hack driver. But it was great fun driving the thing like this for 18months. At which time a blown shock had me speaking to Whiteline. At the time they did not offer a kit for the R32 GTSt, so off my car went for a few weeks and what returned was some new bushes and swaybars. Big improvement to how it drove, but several weeks after that my car once again went back to have the new Bilsteins and springs installed. After that and the dramatic change in handling from standard, I started to more regularly attend Wakefield And Eastern Creek days. At this time EC times were about 2:02sec and Wakefield was about 1:15s. It was about this time that I learnt that the servicing of the car when doing track days needs to be at a lot more regular intervals, with a trip to Wakefield resulting me running out of pads. The beauty of a std car with no power was you could lap for 30mins at a time and just kill tyres and brakes. I didnt even have an intercooler or an oil cooler at this time. I had the std ECU with speed limiter, if the engine light came on i slowed down. So with no pads I killed my rotors so off to Race Brakes in Sydney to get the first kit the made for R32s, using the R33 GTR rotor spaced out with the std caliper. I thought it was shit hot at the time, and combined with rebuilt calipers, booster and master cylinder kept me going for about 6 years It was at this time that I finally got around to installing the HKS Type S front mount that I had bought from Toy Imports in Newcastle. Combined with the new brakes, some more practice and some new AVS Model 6 wheels that were 1" wider....i managed to get my times down to 1:13.1 at Wakefield and 1:56.8 at Eastern Creek on street tyres. My only run on semis resulted in blistered tyres as I learnt the expensive lesson of doing too many laps in a car with no camber = blistered outside shoulders and dead tyres on their first track day After that it was back to street tyres for me It was about this time I got sick of what must have been all of about 130rwkws from the std motor and ECU. At a day at Wakefield in 2003 I blew the turbo to manifold gasket whilst taking Doughboy for joy rides. Having to remove the turbo to replace the gasket meant I was tempted to replace the turbo. With Doughboy in my ear telling me how awesome TD06 setups were on SR20s, I resisted for as long as I could...telling him that HKS are better, because they are better, because they are ball bearing and just better. But, the man convinced me that just like real men wear trucker hats, real man run truck turbos. So a weekend of no sleep and Doughboy working days with no sleep, the lil R32 drove out a friends workshop with a full TD06 kit and remapped Jap ECU. Funds and time for cars were low for a while with work taking me OS and a move to Vic. Where I was quickly confronted with every bastard punting GTRs and no open-fun track days....just weekend warriors in their RB26s doing Super Sprints. So ... BEGIN the shit talk. Chasing a bit more response I installed a Power Fc and cam gears. A few hiccups with these mods meant that the std motor had a bent valve and a new wrecker motor went in. A trip to the drags saw it run a 12.9 at 113mph at only 1bar with a mis-fire that weeks later some Spitfire coil packs fixed So with the new turbo setup finally semi sorted, it was time to start to enjoy the car with its new found TD06 POWAH! But, because the Vic Track Gods are a pack of pricks who favour the GTR, my first trip to Winton in the car didnt end so well So with some help from GTR_Geoff, his tools, his garage space and his general support, we tinkered over weekends and got the girl running again After a few months of getting some confidence back in the car and getting everything going again came the introduction to Racepace, meaning that the car finally started to perform the way it should have been. Well at least the way Doughboy said the TD06 should Some trips to Sandown, PI and Winton all went without major incident. But some drift damage from Calder, the paint damage from the fire at Winton meant the once tidy little GSTt looked horrible with crinkled guard and blistered paint. So a friend helped strip the car and over time was good enough to give it a major clean up for me. The result was an awesome colour that looked mint, only I had ran out of money to pay for a proper new front bar. But anyway, I was entered for Dutton and the car was stickered up and performed pretty well for the bucket it is. Some small upgrades like ex HRT Jason Bright Momo race seat and AiM Data Logger were installed. Then with a bit more coaxing went back to Racepace and chased a bit more power having now got some reliable running and fun under my belt. With a bit more running was finally able to get days at PI and Sandown where it wasnt wet or the car was parked waiting for me to pull more funds together to bloody enjoy the bastard of a thing...and the result was a 1:23.1 at Sandown and a 1:52 flat at PI at the start of 2007... ...then for those c0ck sarking Vic track gods to again come and kick me in the balls....more to follow
  7. Ok so benm and his "SAU 1/4 Mile Times" sewed the seed, but Skylines also brake and go around corners So for those that enjoy circuit up your times using the template below. SAU Nickname: Car Make and Model: Circuit Name: Lap time: Modifications Engine: Power: Suspension: Tyres: Brakes: Body weight: It will be an honour system as proving lap times is rather difficult, so i ask that you are honest. As a minimum laps should be hand timed by a spectator or third party. And please bear in mind that others may be spending considerable amounts of money on the content of the posts