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  1. Rosberg just plugging away. Still think he is going to struggle unless Louise implodes
  2. Looks liek an S14 dash. Great work! Strippers look about as good at washing cars as junkies windscreens in Melbourne
  3. I have been trying to tell folk here that if you are running E85 than the -7s will make more power. The smaller, later model -9 compressor seems to do the same job with a smidgen better response on 98-100. But generally when bolted to an engine and I have observed the difference is usually in the tune, health of engine and quality of bolt ons....not a night and day difference due one or the other turbo. ON 98-100 On E85 they seem to make a bit more power when you wind the extra psi in where as the -9s hit a wall sooner. I guess its to do with E85 masking as few little things and ultimately the little bit of extra flow that is in the different trim/aero compressoris realied with the -7s. I have seen far more 340-360 rwkws results with -7s then I have on -9s and generally 330-350rwkws with E85 One thing i think I can safely say is I have never seen -7s that are more responsive than -9s. I am curious to know how this has come to be summised as a reliable rule of thumb. Not to say its not true, I am just kicking around my experience, most reliable being two identical R34 N1 engines with the same Jap workshop ported head, same cams and near identical pipes etc and -7s and -9s with the same Sydney tuner. The trend observed with those cars is generally what I see play out with other setups. Too many supposed N1s arent N1s and people then equate N1s to being -7s yadda yadda yadda Either way bang on 350awkws is a stout-one of the better result for a -9 setup!
  4. Great result then....awesome
  5. Dyno'd with bonnet up or down? Good to see it cracked 350rwkws
  6. Well just confimed the turbo for the Cossie them 7670 is probably too big Hanog on this Pete?
  7. will break down on the last lap of a race like Toyota at Le Mans when you use Wiggins clamps Looks neat. A friend who has owned a few ex Gibson cars say that over time they can vibrate open so not a bad idea to just put a cable tie around them. Seems odd but i am not going to argue as mine are all hidden by diffuser etc and not accessible and be a head fark if they ever opened.