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  1. Hi mate, very interested in this piece. Where abouts are you located?
  2. Hey mate, Any update on the potential of having these up for sale soon? Very interesting builds! I've read all of the builds and I admire your thoroughness. Killing it!
  3. Exactly what Bob said. I've pestered him in the past and the guy knows what he's talking about! He also sells excellent oil restrictors (very high quality) and has some sound advice that will likely save you a lot of $$$ and heartache. Not just brown nosing, but spend the time reading this thread and you will be a whole lot bloody wiser, thats for sure. I'm super confident with all my builds from now on, as basically it makes common sense to allow the thing to breath and drain well. (PS Bob, I expect high dollar kickbacks for the kind words! haha Jokes, I'm just telling the truth. )
  4. ***SOLD*** Hey guys, I'm putting on a larger turbo with bigger boost for the build, so getting rid of the big HKS GT 60mm External Wastegate. This came off the HKS T04R kit that was on the car when I bought it and has a short screamer pipe and all V band flanges and clamps included, along with the heat resistant vacuum/boost hose that isn't pictured but is included with the sale. It was holding 1 bar exactly when it came with the car back in feb. The Litre milk carton is for Scale, it's a big gate! Happy to post Australia wide if someone takes it for the asking price, otherwise happy to charge actual shipping if we come to a deal. Thanks guys! -Dave
  5. ***WANTED*** Old Damaged Forged Pistons! Any Brand, Any Condition! Making an educational RB engine piston video for the youtubes. Currently I have a CP forged, Venolia Forged, 24U N1 cast, stock 05U cast, stock RB30 for comparison. Am looking for about 2-3 other forged pistons that can be totally trashed but still resemble a piston, Wiseco, Arias, JE, ACL/Ross, anything else, in any size and any condition that you'd be willing to donate a single piston to the project. I'll cover all shipping costs to get it to me and will mention a thanks in the vid. I'll be making a heap of videos in the coming year all about 1 thing... RB's, Comparisons, debunking myths and explaining the reasons behind why things go bad. Look forward to hearing from some of you guys! Thanks in advance!! -Dave
  6. Hey mate, still waiting to hear about rb30 AWD plate and pics.
  7. Mate, I'd love it as my R32 has a dead box, unfortunately I just don't have that kind of coin at the moment for a box. I'm guessing there is a lot of others who are looking at it in the same boat. Not that its not a killer price, but personally I checked the advert looking for a bargain. Good luck with the sale!
  8. Hey man, after the rb26 coil cover. Messaged now.
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