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  1. That's an actual piece of art.
  2. Sierra

    Hey guys, I paid for membership on Jan 1, and also emailed [email protected] the other day, and haven't heard anything back or received anything?
  3. Sierra

    Great pics. I need to give this a go some time for sure.
  4. Looking for a place to get big stickers/decals done in Melbourne? Cheap is good. I don't want a full wrap, just a couple big stickers across side of track car. A big logo, then a big line of text separately. I can send mockups through to whoever is printing and I can design/supply the files ready to go, and I can apply it all. I just need it printed/cut. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  5. Sierra

    That iCal file has some personal calendar stuff in it from whoever created it. Might want to give it a look through and edit it (there's some personal info and bank details and stuff in there). I'd just delete every event in the calendar pre-2018 to make it easier. That's what I did in my copy now.
  6. Workshop near St Kilda for general maintenance/fixes? Hey guys, tried posting in the workshop thread but I don't think anyone looks there anymore. After a workshop in/around St Kilda area to do some general maintenance/repairs to my C34 Stag. Got a newborn due in a couple weeks and ran out of time to do it myself, need the car reliable again before she arrives. Needs brake booster replaced (should I get it on ebay first?), fluids done, the usual "I've ignored this crap for way too long and just been having fun" stuff, and a general check-over before trusting it to family duties. Asked a local mechanic down the road and he said he doesn't touch imports. No idea why. I'm not to keen to drive it too far with brakes spongy, so something close would be awesome. Thanks.
  7. Sierra

    Thanks. It was with a Nikon D750, but it was a quick snap off a tram so the above is heavily edited, it looked like this off the camera:
  8. Sierra

    Spotted on St Kilda Rd the other day.
  9. Sierra

    I'm looking for someone close to St Kilda to do a bunch of stuff to my Stagea? Just a freshen-up for now, but hopefully someone that can also help fill in my lack of skills as I keep adding bits too.
  10. Cheers guys, will give it a shot and see what happens. Like you say @Odium, worst case they'll just say no. Just a bit nervous as everyone I've spoken to about moving here says my car is not Vic-friendly lol.
  11. Transferring rego to VIC after moving here.. no RWC needed? Just moved here from Tas with my Tas-registered Stagea. Saw this on the Vic Roads site: As-is, my car won't pass a Vic RWC (coilovers, front mount, various other things).. but it's legal/registered in Tas. Ultimately I plan on making it road-legal here just to not get pulled over constantly, but am I right that I can transfer my rego without an RWC, as-is, then spend the rest of the year slowly getting it ready for it's first "local" renewal with RWC? Or am I asking for trouble? Otherwise I guess I just run it on Tas plates as long as possible until I can get it RWC-ready? What have others done when moving here?
  12. Cheers mate. It's a great car that's practical but still lots of fun, it's just too low seating-position for me to get in/out comfortably, so sticking with the Elgrand and will probably supercharge it.
  13. 97 Nissan Stagea RSFour Series 1 (Tas or Vic) Hey guys, Got my 97 Stag for sale for very regrettable reasons (losing my leg + new baby on the way). I haven't owned it that long, about a year or so. Bought it not-running and a fellow member helped me get everything sorted (i'll let him chime up if he wants to be known). Few blown gaskets and basically had been sitting unused for a very long time. It's now purring like a kitten, and very close to perfect. Fresh rego until January 2018. Recently serviced, CV boots replaced, a few gaskets replaced, and everything checked over. Original and mostly-stock RB25DET with a few basic bolt ons. Front mount intercooler, BC coilovers, Rota 17" wheels on good tyres, Nismo style bodykit, turbo timer, various other bits and pieces. Clarion head unit with bluetooth/DVD/DivX/etc. Pioneer subwoofer/amp in Pioneer Competition box. Has some rarer original factory bits like the original floor mats, cargo net, cargo shade, and more. It's a 20 year old car, so it has a few loose interior bits and stuff like that, but it's mechanically solid, straight, no rust, and has some decent parts in it. Handles like it's on rails and scares the little kiddies at the lights. Only faults I can think of is it has a lazy oxygen sensor so runs sporadically lean/rich in mid-range sometimes, and the brake master cylinder needs replacing because it has sat for years. It drives, stops, and all the important stuff is fine. It could be made perfect for a couple hundred bucks and a weekend, but I've run out of time and motivation, and I'm about to move to Vic to get my leg chopped off. I'm happy to sell it to a local at a cheaper price, or negotiate something to get it to the mainland (eg I can sell the plates separately and refund the rego to fund a transport truck to the mainland, and you end up paying similar to list price). $7500 Neg. (03) 6295 0301 (until 9pm, leave a message if I don't answer, can't always get to phone quick enough due to leg).
  14. Sierra

    Is anything happening with this? Also if we want to join a CAMS club so I can do local practice days etc, should I join SAU Vic or NSW? Or just join a random local club? I'd rather just be in SAU and nothing else (via the above-mentioned SAU Tas stickers + a formal membership in SAU VIC/NSW for CAMS reasons).
  15. That's nice! I wish I could've got a Highwaystar or one of the fancier ones but resisted and got a cheapie so my money can go on the Stagea. This is the only pic I've got so far (it's still stock/boring so haven't taken many pics)..