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  1. It has come to my attention that the R34 skyline GT is not very good around corners like i had initially thought my car came with coil overs but they are maxed out on height. (is that bad for the car?). if i take a fast sharp turn the car starts to skip and sway around. Also, when i press the brake, it feels like it steers to one side. How can i improve the handling for the R34 GT? thanks,
  2. So recently i saw some ads advertising P plate legal "ADM S15 TURBOS" running 320hp+ on their Sr20DETs, i am wondering how is that even p plate legal? Can someone explain how? i know "ADM" models came with different turbos which made them a bit slower allowing for them to be p plate legal, but do you need an exemption? can you just hop into a S15 and just drive off? what are the process of "LEGALLY" allowing a p plater to drive the s15. is this for NSW only? what are the state of ADM s15 in QLD? Thanks, (am not looking for any hate, i was just wondering how these p platers are driving these cars).
  3. but i already have made the decision, was asking about the fine behind it.
  4. okay so i just purchased GENUINE momo wheel (rip wallet) and i knew what i was getting myself into but not to this extent, there was this thing called airbag that i totally forgot and a "indicator cancellation) if i buy a HKB BOSS KIT ON-229, would it fix the airbag and indicator issues? i have been searching the web for hours but no clear answer heres the link https://www.amazon.co.jp/HKB-ON-229-SPORTS-ステアリングボス/dp/B00IQ2XX58 http://www.hkbsports.com/product/boss/nissan/nissan.html i am in japan right now and can change or buy parts pretty much instantly so replys now would be great ! thanks so much summary: Would the HKB boss kit have indicator cancellation AND airbag light bypass? thanks alot !
  5. Okay so i made a mistake to remove my srs airbag off my car, and i dont want to put back my old one (really bad condition) i drive a R34 skyline (1998) which comes with a airbag which i believe is illegal, if i act dumb and try to say this car came without a airbag, how much would the fine be if i get caught? kinda dont want to throw away my genuine momo wheel i just bought thanks alot
  6. Hey guys just got a few questions, Currently have a 4inch muffler on my car, it sounds ok~ but visually looks quite bad, so i was thinking to get one of those HKS HIPOWER CANNONS, but it is 3.5inch tip with 2inch outlet, and i wanted a 2.5inch pipe (i heard those are best for N/A cars) is there an extension thing? i will go to an professional exhaust shop to do this is it possible to run 2.5 inch tubing for this cannon ? thanks. -Noob
  7. Wait so you can only buy those bezels directly from Nissan?
  8. Its very hard to measure and cut because of the curves
  9. Yes i can buy a whole new cluster, however, they are very hard to find and only work for GTR models because they have a different ECU
  10. okay, thanks in advance but do you know those R34 "GTR" cluster dashes with the silver plates? "search V spec 1 stock GTR R34 cluster" is it possible for me to glue the silver plate looking thing onto my R34 stock S1 cluster? if so, where can i buy those plates, does anyone have access to the exact measurement to those? because i do have access to a laser cutter. i want to do this to cover to make the car look good, not to make a GTR replica, i just wanted to do something with the ugly cluster (is a manual but has automatic symbols) thanks.
  11. Yeah but its quite expensive to borrow Instructors car.. thats 150 dollars i can put towards modding my car.... Rip...
  12. Hello, i am trying to purchase new rims for my R34 skyline, I was thinking 18x10 with +15 on the rear 18x9.5 with +18 on the front ROTA GRID Rs i have a wide body on my Skyline which i assume is a touch larger than the original R34 GTR but i think the front fenders the pumped a little bit. any size recommendations ? can post pictures if needed
  13. well uh, so i failed the first time and i felt that the driver schools cars reverse and gear 1 was going out and hard to engage if i used my R34 skyline for the P plate test, do you think they will mark me harder and fail me for loud exhaust? like you know, sounds like your speeding but actually not, eg eg need your guys opinion, dish out another 150 to hire a car or use mine just bad at driving "SAFE" wink wink
  14. my computer glitched out and randomly posted 2, sorry mate, i dont know how to delete the post
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