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  1. Genuine Floating Valve BOV Super responsive design. Comes with : Flute for venting to atmo 29mm Recirc adapter Nissan flange plate Weld on flange plate 2 springs, soft and standard Top hat plunger screw for further tunability $55 pick up 2107 or post for $10 0411595640
  2. conan7772

    nice fabrication mate
  3. conan7772

    My chrome grill has started to blister. Rather than spraying the whole thing, I just wrapped the bad sections with flat black vinyl. Looks unique.
  4. conan7772

    If you have room to horde, grab a whole tailgate from a wrecker or someone selling. Then you'll have spare parts galore. Door, bottom apron, wiper + motor, electric lock etc. You're excess is going to be way more.
  5. conan7772


    Will take $16500 Including brand new Intima SR's fitted
  6. +1 Injectors are they stock or aftermarket cheap injectors can cause bad starts, shit economy and power
  7. Rear boot gas strut strength Hey anyone know what strength struts I should get for my GTS-T. Boot is heavy to open and close. Has GTR style wing on it too . cheers
  8. conan7772


    More pics added today on gumtree. If you're after a GTS-T an think this is 3K too much, you need to see it.
  9. conan7772

    Clean mate, nice buy Curious, what did you pay ?
  10. conan7772


    Just renewed rego for another year. Price going up to $17000 firm Not in a rush to sell
  11. conan7772


    Just had the Haltech firmware updated, goes even harder now. Turns out VVT wasn't optimum. Price drop $16000 NEG
  12. conan7772

    Hey yeah me too. Need a replacement, not sure whether to go 26mm Koyo or 16 mm unbranded
  13. conan7772


    Price drop $18500 This thing is an animal. If you're after a rocket ship GTS-T, you'll wanna see this one.
  14. keep trying with the sequence. allow 12 seconds instead of 10 for the pause took me a while to get it