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  1. nice fabrication mate
  2. My chrome grill has started to blister. Rather than spraying the whole thing, I just wrapped the bad sections with flat black vinyl. Looks unique.
  3. If you have room to horde, grab a whole tailgate from a wrecker or someone selling. Then you'll have spare parts galore. Door, bottom apron, wiper + motor, electric lock etc. You're excess is going to be way more.
  4. nsw/act 

    Will take $16500 Including brand new Intima SR's fitted
  5. +1 Injectors are they stock or aftermarket cheap injectors can cause bad starts, shit economy and power
  6. Rear boot gas strut strength Hey anyone know what strength struts I should get for my GTS-T. Boot is heavy to open and close. Has GTR style wing on it too . cheers
  7. nsw/act 

    More pics added today on gumtree. If you're after a GTS-T an think this is 3K too much, you need to see it.
  8. Clean mate, nice buy Curious, what did you pay ?
  9. nsw/act 

    Just renewed rego for another year. Price going up to $17000 firm Not in a rush to sell
  10. nsw/act 

    Just had the Haltech firmware updated, goes even harder now. Turns out VVT wasn't optimum. Price drop $16000 NEG
  11. Hey yeah me too. Need a replacement, not sure whether to go 26mm Koyo or 16 mm unbranded
  12. nsw/act 

    Price drop $18500 This thing is an animal. If you're after a rocket ship GTS-T, you'll wanna see this one.
  13. keep trying with the sequence. allow 12 seconds instead of 10 for the pause took me a while to get it
  14. Cheap copy Denso injectors gave me bad hot starts and really bad fuel economy. Poor atomisation, had to retard timing heaps. They weren't made in Japan. Had to rip em out and dyno tune all over again. Tried to save $300, but cost me another $1000 to fix