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  1. Yep. That's RRP according to FTG. Sheer insanity.
  2. Thanks guys. Very happy with the car so far. It will skid eventually, with a few 'tweaks'. I will drive it as intended (hard and good). Unfortunately the car has a run in period of about 2000kms It is dry carbon. Looks killer in person....and is an 18k part to order.
  3. Hi guys, As you all know, previous GTR black edition was written off due to a moron...but that's what insurance is for. Due to limited availability, we had to order a new R35 from Japan. The wait is finally over and it was picked up last week. FTG Nissan were an absolute pleasure to deal with and I can highly recommend them. Currently in the run in period. Please find below pics. Black Edition looks better in white IMO (but I'm biased now lol). Thanks.
  4. Fallacious argument. Would you also be opposed to people dressing as say...goths, or clowns? Is there an Australian way to dress? Or 'not dress' rather? Do you see where I'm going with this? The home grown terrorism in France is linked to a few factors, including, but not limited to: - Large ('legal') Muslim population that has been isolated and discriminated against. - Aforementioned population largely of low socio-economic status. - Capitilisation by Wahabi/Salafi organisations, particularly so when it comes to disgruntled, unemployed, isolated youth. As you can see, the issue is multli-faceted, It is pretty absurd to imply that immigration itself is the issue, it shows that you have an exceedingly superficial understanding of why home grown terrorism occurs.
  5. I don't think people really understand the risks, as having an accident is considered a low risk thing to happen (in their minds). Depending on what car you hit, you could end up paying off a motorbike, a block of land or even a house. But you and I are normal people, clearly not everyone thinks like this to be honest lol. Your FIL was patient, I'd not have waited 12 years.
  6. No idea bud. Not fussed to be honest, I got paid out, they'll do what they have to. Fortunately for him, the wreck sold for decent money. The car has been bought by a gentleman in Sydney who will repair it.
  7. All good Terry! Spoke to him on the phone.
  8. Was told about 80-90k. Never really considered it though do didn't get an exact figure. Primarily because of the headache, plus financially won't work out much cheaper than buying a 2nd hand GTR as is. Lol. That is very interesting. I don't think it will go for that much. Might be worthwhile for a panel beater who can keep all costs to a minimum if it goes for 80ish. BTW the assessor originally tried to tell me that the salvage value would be around 30k tops, hence the push to repair. Told him he was straight tripping and rightfully so.
  9. I had the option to buy it back but elected not to. Thanks mate, had no luck finding exactly what I wanted to have placed an order for a new GTR. Should be delivered mid November. Cheers.
  10. I don't get why people put Euro plates on a JDM car. Makes no sense lol. But each to their own.
  11. ^^ Haha I laugh each time I see that sign.
  12. Yeah very sad. I've never seen it dirtier. Seems a bit shifty that they haven't shown the airbags out, maybe trying to get a higher bid from an interstate bidder.
  13. And she's up for auction: http://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/CP-02-14--Nissan--GT-R--Coupe/2252394943 If anyone wants the inside details shoot me a PM.
  14. GT Blue is an amazing colour. Best of luck with finding one.
  15. Thanks mate! Pricing seems decent ATM. Only issue is, there are stuff all black editions available and I really prefer the little extras. Torn between buying a 2015 Premium or ordering and waiting for a late model 2015 Black Edition. Which would annoy me because...so close to 2016 lol.
  16. Basically, I had a green arrow and was turning right, hence he hit me more towards the rear of the car. There was no oncoming traffic at the time (was about 7pm in a suburban street), but I did end up on the wrong side of the road facing the other direction (180 degree turn). In terms of insurance, as others have said, I can't believe people drive around without it. As the car is less than 2 years old, there is a new for new policy in place. I'm not sure how that works, but I imagine he'll have to pay off close to 200k.
  17. Yeah was hit at about 60km/h I think. There was some debate for a while as to repair vs write off. High salvage value= write off. Thankfully. Last thing you want is a near new car that's been repaired after a heavy impact.
  18. Yep insurance are going after him. It'll teach him a life lesson I reckon. Damnnn. Can't imagine being hit on a bike! Does make you angry doesn't it. Society these days.
  19. Yep that's the main thing. Walked out with minor bruises. Get this, the other driver: Unlicensed (his L's had been cancelled). No insurance. Driving like an idiot running red lights. The only legit thing he had was that the car was actually registered at the time (his mum's car).
  20. Hi guys, A few months ago I was involved in a crash, my GTR Black Edition was written off due to a moron running a red light. Quite a bit of damage and airbags everywhere. Kept it under wraps during the insurance process plus I was a bit angry. I've finally sorted it all out with insurance and am now looking for a replacement vehicle. This is a big inconvenience, but hey, series 7 updates anyone? Cheers.
  21. Don't know anyone that sells the kit. But it looks amazing! Update here how you go in terms of sourcing and pricing. Cheers.
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