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  1. Did you get a quote from them posted to aus with taxes ?
  2. What site are you on mate and what gearset is that
  3. Anyone come up with anything in regards to this post ?
  4. Ok good to know anyone know what the go to brand is for gearsets these days ? As it's still street driven would be better just doing 1st to 3rd ? And keep 5th as is ? Ps if anyone has a second hand sequential I may been interested !!
  5. Bringing up an old post but just wondering how strong the series 3 boxes really are, I was thinkin of buying a s3 brand new because I have now killed 2 boxes in my s2 33gtr making 490kw
  6. Hey guys I'm exploring my options on gearbox setup on my r33gtr and seeing what is out there
  7. Hi I'm exploring options for gearbox setup in my gtr and want to see what's out there .
  8. Hi guys who has had experience with setting up a r32gtr attessa solenoid into a r33gtr to be able to run rwd safely?
  9. Anyone got some vspec genuine rear pods for sale ?
  10. Can anyone confirm these fit straight in ? Anyone running one ?
  11. I'm after a 4wd attessa pump solenoid off a 32gtr or gts 4 only .
  12. Has anyone got any aircon specs for total refrigerant oil capacity ? Is it in r33 workshop manual or not cant seem to find it
  13. Yeah I know something was wrong with the network at the time. Cheers mate
  14. hey guys whats the preferable oil filter to use on hp rb, i have been using genuine nissan for years but wondering if theres anything better ? i also use penrite ten tenths 15 w 50 and e85 which seems to work well with e85 fuel.
  15. Oh well I got them for free with my rotors so I my aswell try them out ....?
  16. Ok cheers. I recently changed my box and out mt-90 redline in it I believe now that this may be the incorrect oil. Pushing 490kw through stock box also ahhhhhh
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