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havent really heard much about these but i have been told they are capable of making 250rwkw+ in an r33 with supporting mods.

the specs are

T3 T04E Garret

57 trim front wheel in .60A/R compressor cover housing.

.64A/R rear exhaust housing

it requires an external wastegate.

just wanted to see if anyone else is using this turbo and what their opinion is.


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i was under the impression that it spooled up relatively quickly.

so the impression i am getting is steer clear??

make any difference if it was internally gated??

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I have a T04e on my R33 Gts-t.

I'm making 240rwkw with standard injectors and a FPR + Wolf3d, zorst, cooler, fuel pump. I'm maxed out at 16psi (injectors) so the turbo at 240rwkw isn't yet at it's efficiency. In general I'm on full boost by 3500rpm.

Never driven a ball bearing aftermarket turbo R33 so I have no idea how they compare. The spooling noise is no where near loud enough. I want loud spool! Induction noise through the pod is another story though...

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