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R34 Neo's Vvl?


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I am looking at buying a LINK Engine Management System to run the R34 motor im putting in my S14 Silvia. I chose this ECU because my wiring loom is cut and this ECU is a wire-in unit. Im located in NZ so the LINK is very well priced and every tunder in NZ is familiar with it.

Now, i emailed LINK and asked them if this ECU is capable of running the NEO's VVL. This is the reply I got, (the main part anyway)-

"LEM is suitable for a Switched Variable Valve Timing application not a Continuously Variable Valve Timing application (I dont know off the top of my head which one your engine has)".

So, can anyone shed some light on whether or not the R34 motor uses switched vvl or continuous? I suspect the R33 motor is switched but the R34 is continuous. I hope it isnt, because if it then the car will be off the road for another couple of months while i save up for a LinkPlus which costs double the price of the LEM :P .

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I'm pretty sure r34's have vvt up till about 6000 revs and then it shuts off and doesn't change at all. And i also believe it doesn't start up until 3000 or so revs. Don't quote me on that but i remember reading an article about that a while ago.

I'll try and dig it up.

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