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Fog Lamps?

Fog Lamps, On Or Off  

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If you read the road and traffic authorities handbook of your state - it would clearly tell you what Foglights can only be turned on when... it is foggy, in raining conditions or when the visibility of the road is impaired and therefore needs additional lights.

You can get pulled over for this - I would not turn them on ever so often, mate.

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Arent they classified as driving lights?

foglights are the yellow lense covers?

I got pulled over by an unmarked SS commodore with driving lights on. Couldnt really argue with him cause i had mine on also lawl

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Like 10% of cars i see have them on so they cant be that illegal. i know its a way that cops can have a go at us on a friday night when they are bored. but my uncle is a sargent @ corio police station and half of our family drive with them on, he says nothing.

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i assumed that they went under the same category as your high beams,just cos you have them doese'nt mean you can drive with them on 24/7

use them when you need them(they argue the point that they are there for a reson)

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the ones that are on the series 2 skylines are driving lights so its not really illegal to have them off.

iv had mine on everynight since iv had it. used it during the day to when it gets a bit dark. looks cool with only the parkers and driving light on.

but ye if you have fog lights which ae yellow they must only be used in foggy conditions thats why its yellow so it dosnt reflect much and cuts through the fog.

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Driving lights and fog lights are the same thing. They are illegal unless as stated above it is foggy, or poor conditions such as rain, snow etc. You can and should get booked for them being on.

HOWEVER, it is proven fact it is safer to be driving around with your HEADLIGHTS ON (which should be correctly aimed, you can also receive a defect for that...) Other cars, and road users can see you far easier, and from futher away with them on.

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mine where disconected from japan and after market fitted, which saw them removed for compliance, and originals not connected, i'll get around to it one day.

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used to use them all the time....but now just have the standard head lights on. But when I go late night cruising up the mountains, then i have them on. But there are heaps of other cars that use fogs/driving lights at night. People think its bad when we have it on...have u seen 4wds when they come on the opposite lane with their fog lights on....now THATS blinding :)

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I have them on my Supra.

Only time they get turned on is when it is:

a) Foggy,

b) Rainy

c) Some idiot came up behind me with his on, so I get behind him and flick them on and off.

I hate people who have them on, unless they're needed!

They're just wanker lights.

Also, there IS a difference in driving lights and fog lights

Fog lights: Yellow lense, low power, used to cut through fog to give better visibility, able to be turnt on and off WITHOUT headlights being on.

Driving lights: White lense, generally high power (Except in wanker cars like SS commodores etc). These lights by ADR/Law are only meant to be able to be turned on whilst your HIGH BEAMS are on.

FYI: It is a $75 or $77 offence in NSW to have your fog lights on when not needed.

Having driving lights on is the same offence as not dipping your high beams.

You have been warned.

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