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Show Us Some Jdm Car Ads!

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R32 GTS (I Love you, Skyline)

R33 S1

R33 S1 - Can See where alot of the footage for the 1993 Sales brochure came from this one:


R33 S2 - This one even shows it getting a bit sideways lol

R33 GTR Debut Commercial - Drive it, Skyline!

Super GTR (1994)

R34 GTT 4 Door

S13 Silvia - Art force Silvia


S1 RX7 - The Beautiful Rotary


S1 RX7 NOW! and Mazda Bongo - MUST SEE haha


S5 at Nurburgring??




RX3 (Australian/USA etc) Kid on pogo Stick


Toyota Soarer - Soarer - For Mind Cruising (great music)

Toyota Sera 1990

Toyota Sera 1991 (Midnight Oil Theme Song?)

Toyota/Lexus Soarer SC400 (USA)


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cant find it any more, but anyone seen the A70 supra commercial with Hulk Hogan? monday tuesday wednesday... thursday.... friday saturday sunday, monday comes agian.... lol

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1982 Skyline haha - i know, its a skyline!

1989 Skyline R32 - the dash shows 0 legit kilometres haha

Skyline R32

1993 Skyline R32

I can never find a r32 coupe commercial :ninja:

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